Felon Friendly Companies for Those Who Need a Job

Companies that allow felons to work for them are very much needed because that is the only stability and income for many. Without support, starting your life over can be very difficult so the more opportunities, the better. Surprisingly there are tons of job’s out there that are willing to hire felon’s and provide them with a second chance.

If you know you’re a better person than your past, a previous conviction should not stop you from succeeding. Provided you nail your interview and do the best you can do, you have high chances of finding a job you deserve.

Below are some of the largest companies that are felon-friendly that are willing to help you get back into the workforce after a conviction.


McDonald’s, being one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world, has tons of online reports specifically from past felons, sharing their experience in finding gainful employment with their company.

Considering they are a franchised business, requirements necessary for this job may vary from store to store. Many of them will do a background check while others might not. Try to be as transparent as possible while searching for work.


Starbucks is known for being more generous than most people expect when it comes to the fast-food industry.  They provide health coverage, paid time off, school coverage and a ton of other benefits.

Even though background checks are common when applying, this doesn’t mean you will be removed from the running. They tend to consider felons based on a case-by-case method.


When looking for a job, many felons assume food industry is their only option and don’t even consider major companies like Microsoft. This company is one of the most known for offering felon friendly jobs.

Workforce Foundation has collaborated with Microsoft in the past to remove employment barriers.


Coca Cola is the biggest name within all the soda companies and happen to be an amazing option for past inmate’s looking for a new beginning after prison. Seeing all these options for felons are great to see considering jobs can be very hard to find.

It’s recommended to make sure your charges are at least five years old, if not it can put a damper on your application. 

Delta Airlines

After suffering through the hard times of COVID, airlines are struggling to rebuild themselves now that it’s safer to travel. One of the struggles being hiring new employees! The protocols following the hiring process are made to ensure COVID and air security.

This means the date of your charge will affect your chances of scoring a job. However, if you are okay with a thorough application process and regular COVID tests, a charge form the past won’t exclude you.


Although not the most glamorous of the accepting companies, Walmart provides people with steady income and decent support. Within this companies’ application process, you will not find questions specifically directed towards conviction, but they will perform a background check and look for past convictions.

Walmart won’t hold this against you if you have a good track record after leaving prison.


Facebook might be the company for you if you’re interested in the tech sector. They make it known that they support fair hiring practices. They have also signed the Fair Chance Pledge which was made to help previous inmates have a fair chance at life. 

Be ready for a background check, along with a thorough application process.

CVS Health

Just like the other’s a background check is required, but CVS Health is a great option for past convicts. The intensity and type of check you experience will vary on your specific state and what their laws are.

CVS Health has a wide range of career options. People tend to work in retail, analytics, or something in between.

Hopefully this list of companies was eye opening and helped you understand how accepting these places can be. Although getting a job can be tough, when searching for one don’t limit yourself because you are much more employable than you think!

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