The Highest Paid Retail Positions of 2022

Are you looking for the best paid retail jobs? Retail jobs no longer pay merely the minimum wage. Many occupations in retail businesses or inside the retail organization provide competitive wage payments.

A high-paying job is just as essential alongside the individuals you work with and the corporate culture. Benefits also play an important part in deciding whether or not to join a firm, so we’ll look at everything to help you locate your perfect retail career.

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Costco cashiers make an average of $17.88 per hour, making them one of the highest-paid cashiers in the industry.

Costco is a network of wholesale warehouse food stores. They offer bulk things to warehouse members.

A cashier’s responsibilities include the following:

• Taking directions from members

• Checking consumers out at the register

• Offering client service

Costco benefits include health, dental, and vision insurance, as well as mental health treatment and a health savings account.


Average Salary: Sales associates earn between $12.50 and $17.30 per hour.

Nordstrom is a retail department store with locations in the United States and Canada. They have roles in human resources, fraud prevention, customer service reps, and more to assist manage their firm.

According to Glassdoor, employees rate Nordstrom 3.8 out of 5 and are pleased to work there, citing advantages such as decent salary and the ability to collaborate with colleagues.

Nordstrom offers both salary and hourly opportunities.

Among the advantages are:

• Medical, dental, and vision coverage

• Disability insurance and life insurance

• Mental health services


Their barista job pays an average of $15.14 per hour.

Starbucks is a well-known coffee shop retail brand with a worldwide presence.

The following are the responsibilities of a barista:

• Taking orders from customers and operating the cash register

• Placing food and beverage orders

• Helping clients with menu and product inquiries

Starbucks is one of the few companies that provides appealing perks to part-time workers, such as health insurance! Other incentives include tuition reimbursement for a bachelor’s degree, performance bonuses, 30% off in-store purchases, and more.


A Trader Joe’s staff member may earn up to $21.00 per hour.

Trader Joe’s is a supermarket chain. Not only do they provide high-paying retail employment, but they are also well-liked by employees, with 81% stating they would recommend Trader Joe’s to a friend.

A crew member’s responsibilities include the following:

• Operating a cash register

• Stocking the shelves

• Designing and constructing signs

• Assisting consumers with their inquiries

Trader Joe’s benefits package includes health, dentistry, and vision insurance, as well as scholarship programs, disaster recovery help, retail tastings, employee support programs, and more.


Average Salary: A customer service employee earns an average of $13.79 per hour.

Lowe’s is a shop that sells home improvement products. They are present in the United States and Canada, with the most popular occupations being customer service and sales workers, cashiers, and management.

Lowe’s offers health, dentistry, and vision insurance, as well as tuition reimbursement, daycare, trade skill scholarships, employee discounts, and other perks.

Your responsibilities as a Lowe’s customer service associate may include the following:

• Greeting and inviting customers into the shop

• Order processing

• Supervising loading tickets and delivery

All of these retail positions are highly recommended in 2022 as they are known for being the best paying and having high ratings from past employees.

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