When and How to Request a Raise in the Midst of a Pandemic

Even during the best of circumstances, asking for a pay increase may be nerve-wracking. The notion of requesting more money may sound daunting in light of the current worldwide pandemic, economic slump, and distant work change.

Do you feel underpaid or long overdue for a raise or promotion, but are unsure whether it’s worthwhile to ask now because of the pandemic? Have you taken on more duties because of the current crisis and feel that you should be paid more as a result? If so, you may be disappointed to learn that salary increases have not been discussed. You are not the only one feeling this way.

Furloughs, layoffs, hiring freezes, and historically high unemployment have all been events of the pandemic that began in 2020. It’s understandable why this would cause you to stop and think twice before making that request.

Especially in a situation like this, it may be difficult to know when and how to ask for what you need and desire, and this uncertainty and discomfort can make asking for help difficult. However, there is some good news despite the uncertainty of the coronavirus labor market: people are still gaining employment, and some are even advancing in their current positions. Just take it in. A pay increase is achievable even in the midst of a pandemic. There are techniques to determine whether now is the right moment to ask for a raise.

 Should You Request a Pay Raise Despite the Pandemic?

To tell you the truth, it’s not possible to say. Consequently, what considerations ought you to make? This article provides helpful advice on the optimal timing. Sure, but what about when the epidemic hits? Given the current climate, it’s more important than ever to tailor your requests to the specifics of the situation and ensure that they directly relate to the value you provide.

Five factors—company success, your job and performance, your network and connections, the time, and your financial situation—decide whether you get a raise.

What’s the Best Way to Request a Pay Raise while a Global Pandemic Is Underway?

Now that you’ve considered everything said above, it’s clear that you should ask for a raise. You should feel quite accomplished for doing such a significant action. So, now what? Just do as I say.

  1. Prepare exactly what you’re going to say when you ask.
  2. Schedule a meeting or sit down with your boss to ask, don’t just ask on a whim.
  3. Do what you’ve been preparing for, pop the question.
  4. Don’t feel discouraged if they say no. Stop and decide if the job is still worth it to you if you aren’t making as much as you would like.

If the economy is suffering now, it doesn’t imply your career has to suffer too. Finally, keep in mind that a negotiation is a simple conversation, not an argument.   Think positively and prepare for the best (opposed to the worst). And focus on the steps you took to get there rather than the result. If you finally spoke out for yourself, you should celebrate that. Even if it doesn’t work out the way you wished, you’ll come out stronger because of the experience.

Finally, if you still can decide if this job is worth it for you without that raise, refer to “Valid Reasons to Leave Your Current Job” for some more tips!

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