Finding a Suitable Career as a Military Spouse

Spouses of service members know firsthand how challenging it can be to find suitable employment outside of the home. The Navy Federal Credit Union discovered that the jobless rate for military spouses was almost three times the national average. This is largely because of the special challenges faced by military spouses in the employment market, such as the lack of options for flexible scheduling, childcare, and paid leave.

Many spouses face unique challenges in the employment market, including frequent moves, childcare obligations, and financial uncertainty. PCS, or Permanent Change of Station, is a common source of anxiety for military personnel. The good news is that PCS real estate may lighten your load throughout the employment search. With PCS real estate’s numerous advantages, you’ll never have to stress about finding a new place to call home. You’ll have more time and energy to look for a job and build a long-term career if you don’t have to worry about where to live. Seven careers that work well for military spouses are listed below.

Public sector and government

Nearly half of military spouses with employment in government and public administration say they will stay in such roles until retirement, according to U.S. Veterans Magazine. Jobs in public administration and government range from lawyer to manager to analyst. Because government employment span such a wide geographical region, you’ll have the freedom and remote work options you need to keep up with your hectic schedule.

Medical Services

Another common field for military spouses to enter is healthcare, which includes a wide range of occupations from nursing to medicine. Research conducted by the Navy Federal Credit Union found that one in ten military spouses work in the healthcare industry. These positions are important, provide good salary, and are certain to last for the foreseeable future.

IT and computer-related fields

More technology firms are taking advantage of remote employees as more and more chores and organizations become automated. You may improve your current skills and make the most of remote employment prospects by tapping into this larger talent pool, which represents a wide range of specializations and interests. You and your spouse may move with the PCS without having to change employment.

Professional Psychology, Counseling, and Social Work

Social work, like the healthcare business, offers significance, stability, and possibility for advancement as a military spouse. Following this route may lead to employment in academic settings, medical facilities, and private clinics. The options are almost limitless, giving military spouses more freedom and opening a wealth of employment possibilities wherever they may be stationed or not.

Humans are retargeted

It might be challenging for persons who value personal relationships to maintain them throughout frequent PCS moves. Those who thrive in collaborative environments will find many rewarding possibilities to keep in touch with friends and aid those in need via their employment in human retargets. Human retargets are in high demand, so military spouses may take their skills with them wherever they go.


Colleges and universities are more available than ever thanks to developments like distance education and video courses. These capabilities provide a wonderful chance for military partners who are also educators to further their careers, inspire the next generation, and enjoy the many advantages of working from home.


The manufacturing industry is consistently hiring skilled workers such as mechanics, welders, engineers, etc. Manufacturing jobs are ideal for military spouses because they provide stability, room for advancement, and plenty of opportunity to gain new skills or hone current ones.

There’s already a lot on your plate as a military spouse without having to stress about your financial situation. Make the most of PCS real estate’s benefits and relax, knowing that a wide variety of employment opportunities exists to meet your demands.

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