Take Your Resume from Good to Outstanding with these Simple Changes

If you’re searching for hourly employment, having any work experience at all is preferable to having none at all on your CV or online profile. The tedious summer you spent folding shirts can become a valuable experience on your resume.

Rather than just stating your duties, discussing the results you achieved for the company while in that role is a surefire way to make your resume stand out.

It may seem difficult, but it’s really not. To get you started, here are a few examples of potential career paths.

Example: Associate in a warehouse

Simple resumes often include the following information:

  • Packing and sending out orders
  • Keeping tabs
  • Keeping one’s workplace tidy

A resume that shines says:

  • Orders of all sizes were quickly and accurately chosen, allowing for prompt shipment to clients.
  • Kept picking speeds in the top five percent.
  • Effectively used delivery sequencing software to construct orders, generate reports, and track statistics with a 99.5% accuracy rate.
  • Kept the workplace tidy, scoring a perfect 100 on cleanliness inspections.

This method is effective because warehouses rely heavily on efficiency and accuracy statistics. Prove that you grasp the significance of not just completing the duties but also exceeding the targets. You are now advertising your outstanding performance and lack of drama to potential employers.

Example: Cashier

Simple resumes often include the following information:

  • During shift changes, I rung up sales and tallied the cash drawer.
  • Provided feedback to customers

A resume that shines says:

  • Quickly and precisely rang up sales and counted the cash drawer at the beginning and conclusion of each shift, allowing me to catch any differences and prevent any theft.
  • Improved customer happiness and sales results by guiding clients through finding products, making purchases, and joining loyalty programs.

Why it works: If you’ve ever worked as a cashier, you know that your superiors concerned not just about whether or not you rang up goods, but also about whether or not all the expected payments were accounted for at the conclusion of the shift. Cashiers are generally the first point of contact for consumers, so if you can demonstrate that you can make them happy and encourage them to return, you’ll stand out as the ideal candidate for the position.

Example: Retail sales associate

Simple resumes often include the following information:

  • Customers being rung up
  • Stock room cleaning and organization
  • Kids’ shoe section replenishment

A resume that shines says:

  • Received numerous compliments from patrons and received high marks for customer service while working the register.
  • Improved stockroom tracking practices reduce weekly downtime by 3 hours
  • A well-stocked children’s shoe section led to an increase in sales.

This strategy is effective because it demonstrates to potential employers that your proficiency in each area of responsibility will lead to financial gains for the company.

In conclusion

Apply these methods to all of your job applications and you will begin to see offers flooding in. Don’t second-guess yourself, and don’t let the pursuit of the “perfect” résumé paralyze you. It’s preferable to apply with a basic resume than to miss out on an opportunity, but using these methods will help you stand out.

It only takes a few mouse clicks to find the ideal job that suits your experience and work ethic. Best of luck in your career search!


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