Why Realtors Should Have Two Phones: Personal or Professional

Balancing Work-Life

Working hours for a real estate agent typically extend well above the traditional 9 to 5. Customers can contact you at any hour, and you may be required to schedule showings on the weekends.

It’s easy to let work creep into your personal life when it feels like you have to be available at all hours. Having a single phone for both work and personal use makes it more challenging to put it down.

It’s tempting to turn in early, but keeping in touch with loved ones means never putting your phone away.

But if you have a separate phone for work and one for family, you can put the work phone away when you get home.

Confidentiality Improved

It’s no secret that most people are constantly plugged into their phones. In reality, the typical smartphone user has over 80 applications installed.

When you install a new app, you’ll often be prompted to make a new account and provide some personal details. You may have noticed that social media advertisements follow you around and mirror your every click.

Real estate apps might be useful, but playing solitaire alongside them can get old fast.

Combining business with pleasure might lead to confusion about which details are which. You have a duty to your clients as a real estate agent to protect their confidentiality.

You should also avoid putting yourself at danger by registering your company phone with your personal address. Having separate phones for work and personal use is the safest method to avoid prying ears.

Remove Unwanted Sales Calls

If you’re a real estate agent, you want people to be able to contact you, therefore you’ll likely make that information public. Bus stop benches, newspapers, Zillow, RedFin, and other websites all feature ads for real estate agents’ contact information.

It is not unusual for them to provide both their office and mobile phone numbers. A steady stream of calls throughout the day, and not just from customers, is to be expected if you use your cell phone for business purposes.

Your phone will never stop ringing once a marketing firm, SEO firm, web design firm, or anyone else gets ahold of your contact information. Although fielding calls is an integral part of being a real estate agent, the last thing anyone needs is their personal phone inundated with marketing calls.

Getting a separate work phone is essential if you don’t want to be bothered at home by sales calls.

In addition, you are more likely to use caller ID on your own phone. Most of us will just let calls from unidentified numbers go to voicemail.

You could be missing out on business chances if you screen too many calls. It’s more likely that you’ll answer your work phone than your home one.

Maintain an Air of Professional Distance

When taking a business call, real estate brokers must always maintain a dignified demeanor. But they also have lives outside of work, and they value a laid-back approach to life.

If you’re a real estate agent who uses your cell phone for both work and pleasure, you should always maintain a professional demeanor. You can’t take the call believing it’s an old pal from elementary school just to find out it’s a paying customer.

Using a non-work related phone for commercial purposes is fraught with peril. Having two distinct lines is the most secure approach to conduct private conversations.

Overcrowding in voicemail systems
It’s impossible to answer every call you get unless you spend all day on the phone. You’ll end up with twice as many voicemails if you use your cell phone for both work and pleasure.

If a seller or buyer phones and you don’t answer because your voicemail is full, you can lose out on a commission. You can’t respond quickly to potential buyers or sellers as a real estate agent if they can’t leave a message.

The simplest method to avoid being overwhelmed by a flood of calls is to set up two distinct voicemail boxes.


You can increase the credibility of your business with a dedicated cell phone. Having a business phone shows your clients that you take your business seriously.

Having a separate cell phone just for your real estate business will help you appear more professional to clients and suppliers.

Solutions Regarding a Business Phone

There are a few paths you can take if you’re a real estate agent ready to separate your professional and private lives.

The simplest solution is to have two phones at all times. Having two phones means two bills to pay, but it also means you can keep your work life and home life distinct. Also, be sure you can easily distinguish between the two.

Add a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) line or virtual phone system for business use if you don’t want to lug about two physical phones.

You can get a dedicated line for your phone by using one of the various cloud phone services offered by a variety of online service providers. Learn more about setting up a separate business phone line here.

It’s Time for Real Estate Agents to Embrace Business Mobiles.

You may now move on with confidence after learning the many benefits of using a business mobile for real estate transactions.

Filtering marketing calls, increasing privacy, maintaining a work-life balance, and other benefits are all possible with a business mobile.

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