When and How to Request a Raise in the Midst of a Pandemic

Even during the best of circumstances, asking for a pay increase may be nerve-wracking. The notion of requesting more money may sound daunting in light of the current worldwide pandemic, economic slump, and distant work change. Do you feel underpaid or long overdue for a raise or promotion, but are unsure whether it’s worthwhile to ask now because of the pandemic? Have you taken on more duties because of the current crisis and feel that you should be paid more as a result? If so, you may be disappointed to learn that salary increases have not been discussed. You are not Continue Reading

Is it Acceptable to Leave a Job After a Few Months?

Most individuals have experienced job catfishing. And most individuals nowadays agree that leaving before getting stuck a year or two is okay. 72% of 1,500 users surveyed in 2022 claim to have experienced “Shift Shock,” the emotion of starting a new job and finding it disappointing and nothing like you thought it would be. 80% stated leaving within six months of starting a new job is acceptable. The good news is that we have a straightforward response for anybody contemplating quitting a new job, as well as answers to other concerns that may arise. Can I quit after 3–6 months? Yes. “What’s best for you Continue Reading

Finding Happiness and Purpose Within Your Job

As a kid, I loved listening to my mother tell us the story of the traveler and the three bricklayers. The protagonist of the narrative comes across a group of hard at work bricklayers and inquires as to their occupation.  They all did the same work, but the bricklayers’ perceptions of it were quite different. Great lessons may be learned from this allegory. Happiness and contentment come when we realize our efforts are making a positive impact on the world, when we realize that the “bricks” we are building are part of a larger structure. We can all take inspiration Continue Reading

The Highest Paid Retail Positions of 2022

Are you looking for the best paid retail jobs? Retail jobs no longer pay merely the minimum wage. Many occupations in retail businesses or inside the retail organization provide competitive wage payments. A high-paying job is just as essential alongside the individuals you work with and the corporate culture. Benefits also play an important part in deciding whether or not to join a firm, so we’ll look at everything to help you locate your perfect retail career. Obtaining a high-paying retail job is difficult. Consider this: you’re selling the corporation on a significant investment; therefore you need to do all Continue Reading

Three Reasons Some are Ready to Get Back in the Office

Susy Chandler found herself sobbing inside her Asheville, NC house in June 2020, two and a half months after COVID brought the world to a standstill and the phrases “quarantine” and “social separation” entered our world. Chandler is a mother to two and  Associate Director; she considers herself an extrovert so the abrupt shift in her job arrangement had left her feeling isolated and alone, and the uncertainty was weighing heavily on her. “I missed people,” she adds. “I missed feeling normal.” Chandler had anticipated working from home for two weeks when she was initially asked to do so in mid-March 2020. But Continue Reading

Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

In the past few years, most likely due to COVID-19, there has been an overwhelming amount of people who have shown interest in working from home. Surprisingly this isn’t just from the employees, but the employers as well because they are realizing there are great benefits to creating positions that give employees the opportunity to work offsite. According to UpWork and one of their recent studies, 73% of departments will have remote employees by the year 2028. Both employees and employers are beginning to realize it’s not necessarily needed for them to be in the same time zone or even Continue Reading

Jobs that are in Desperate Need of Employees

It’s been a long wait, but the time has come. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2021, the amount of job openings in the U.S. hit a record peak, making it the highest it’s been over the last two decades. This means, you have various options of work! But there are still specific jobs that are higher in demand. Below we listed various roles that have a huge increase in demand, along with their percentage increase. Determine what jobs have better opportunities, benefits and more. Now is your time to call the shots, so do it! Recruitment consultant Continue Reading

Questions to Ask During Your 2022 Interview

Picture this, you are sitting across from the person who has the power to choose the fate of your job search, in a conference room full of bright lights, and you have so many thoughts running through your head. In this moment, it might be difficult to remember that perfect story you were planning to share.  Or nowadays with everything going on, there is a chance your interview could take place via Zoom. In this case, you might be more worried about the wall you’re sitting in front of, the camera tilting, or hiding that built up trash that’s off Continue Reading

Applying the STAR Method to the Most Nerve Wracking Interview Questions

Are you a good storyteller? Do you include every necessary detail while still getting to the point? Maybe you forget key points or begin to ramble, well, how much harder is that when you add the stress of an interview? Is it going to be easy for you to share a story about previous work experience while still sounding structured? Yeah, that’s where it gets a little harder. Especially when you’re having trouble recalling a specific example to share. First and foremost, remind yourself that everyone has been in this situation. Then, utilize the STAR strategy to help you come Continue Reading

Felon Friendly Companies for Those Who Need a Job

Companies that allow felons to work for them are very much needed because that is the only stability and income for many. Without support, starting your life over can be very difficult so the more opportunities, the better. Surprisingly there are tons of job’s out there that are willing to hire felon’s and provide them with a second chance. If you know you’re a better person than your past, a previous conviction should not stop you from succeeding. Provided you nail your interview and do the best you can do, you have high chances of finding a job you deserve. Continue Reading

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