Assistant Restaurant Manager

As an assistant restaurant manager, you have a direct say in the success of the restaurant. You also have the potential to build some excellent career skills. Let’s dive into what this job entails.

What does an assistant restaurant manager do?

As an assistant restaurant manager, you will work to ensure that all of your customers have a pleasant experience in your restaurant. You will help to keep the establishment clean and organized so that all the employees know what they should do throughout their shift.

As the assistant manager, you will also assist in the daily tasks of the restaurant, such as helping to clean, serve food, and answer questions for customers. If customers have complaints or concerns, they may also wish to speak to you. It will be your job to manage the situation according to the policies of your restaurant.

You will report to the restaurant manager, but sometimes you may be left on your own to manage the restaurant. If you are left alone, your restaurant manager will be counting on you to make sure everything runs smoothly.

As an assistant restaurant manager, you will nurture your leadership and motivational skills. Employees will look to you for guidance and instruction and you will ensure that they do their jobs well. You may also sometimes be called upon to help with organizational tasks, such as assigning shifts to waiters and other employees.

Where do assistant restaurant managers work?

Assistant restaurant managers work in kitchens and restaurants across the country. They might work in both casual dining restaurants and fancier restaurants. The type of restaurant will influence a variety of factors about the job, including the amount of training you will need and your uniform while working. With the number of restaurants in nearly all communities nationally, you should be able to find many job opportunities.

How much can I earn as an assistant restaurant manager?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics gathers data about job growth and wages across the country. They report that food service managersearn a media wage of $54,240 per year for a full time, 8 hour per week job. Regular food service workers, however earn an average of $23,857 per year for 40 hours a week of work. As an assistant restaurant manager, your wage would likely fall in between these two numbers.

Your wage will also vary depending upon factors such as the number of years of experience you have and the type of restaurant where you work. Assistant restaurant managers in formal restaurants with years of experience will earn more than a new assistant manager in a casual restaurant.

How do I become an assistant restaurant manager?

If you want to be an assistant restaurant manager, focus on building experience. Most restaurants will not require more than a high school diploma or a GED to begin work. Instead, what they want to see is an understanding of how the restaurant runs.

As an assistant restaurant manager, you will play a large role in keeping the restaurant running smoothly. You cannot do this if you do not know what needs to be done on a daily basis. Therefore, restaurants hiring for this position will look deeply into your experience in the food service industry.

A quality assistant restaurant manager also needs to demonstrate a number of important skills. These include leadership: the ability to motivate people to follow through with their tasks at hand and ensure that everything gets done. Good interpersonal skills will also be important. You will need them to communicate effectively with the rest of the staff. You will also need them when speaking with customers. Sometimes you might face customers who have come to you to complain about something in the restaurant. You will need to listen to these complaints calmly and help everyone come to a resolution.

It would also be an asset to be very detail oriented and organized. You may need to help with tasks such as scheduling shifts, for example. This requires keeping track of the hours worked by each employee. You will also have to track how many people are needed each shift so the restaurant runs smoothly.

What other jobs should I consider?

As you hunt for the right job, you should also consider the following positions.

Bartender. A bartender generally works in a similar environment to an assistant restaurant manager. They will mix drinks and serve them to customers either in person or with the help of the waitstaff.

Waiter or waitress.If you enjoy working in the food service industry but you do not have the experience needed to become an assistant manager, becoming a waitress or waiter may be a good fit. It will allow you to learn more about the industry. It requires good interpersonal skills and the ability to work long hours standing and walking around.

Hotel or lodging managers. You might also consider becoming a manger in a hotel or similar lodging destination. You will need experience in the industry, excellent communication skills, and organizational skills. You will work to keep your customers happy and the hotel working smoothly.

Assistant Manager

Domino's - JobID: 300-289376 [Assistant Restaurant Manager] As an Assistant Manager at Domino's, you'll: Assist in recruiting, interviewing and hiring additional team members; Coach fellow team members on proper store policies and procedures; Prepare product to corporate specifications; Receive and process telephone orders; Manage a team of 1-15 persons during shift...Hiring Immediately >>
Domino's | Germantown, MD

Assistant Manager

Bob Evans - 14050 Thunderbolt Place [Restaurant Supervisor] As an Assistant Manager at Bob Evans, you'll: Assist with managing the daily operations and staff of the restaurant, including the execution of all company policies, procedures, programs, and systems; Provide leadership, direction, training, and development to staff; Contribute to the success of the restaurant by building sales, working towards company goals and driving restaurant profitability...Hiring Immediately >>
Bob Evans | Chantilly, VA

Assistant Restaurant Manager

Pizza Hut - 18070 Mateny Rd [Restaurant Shift Manager] As an Assistant Restaurant Manager at Pizza Hut, you'll: Make your team and guests feel like family with smiles, teamwork and dedication; Use your natural leadership skills, put together a winning team; Teach the team new things and motivate them to work together; Make your customer's day by ensuring the restaurant serves amazing pizza and provides amazing service...Hiring Immediately >>
Pizza Hut | Germantown, MD

Restaurant Assistant Manager

Potbelly Sandwich Shop - 44060 Pipeline Plaza [Restaurant Supervisor] As a Restaurant Assistant Manager at Potbelly Sandwich Shop, you'll: Lead your shop in making it the best place for lunch; Make awesome food and create great guest experiences; Bring passion, energy and enthusiasm to everything you do, including food preparation and taking care of customers; Help in maintaining Potbelly as the cleanest place around...Hiring Immediately >>
Potbelly Sandwich Shop | Ashburn, VA

Assistant General Manager

McDonald's - 11265 ROGER BACON DR [Assistant Restaurant Manager] As an Assistant General Manager at McDonald's, you'll: Supervise, manage and motivate team members on a daily basis; Ensure food safety; Perform inventory management and daily maintenance to keep the areas clean; Ensure quality food production by training and developing team members...Hiring Immediately >>
McDonald's | Reston, VA

Restaurant Assistant General Manager (AGM)

Noodles World Kitchen - 2405 K Centreville Rd [Assistant Restaurant Manager] As a Restaurant Assistant General Manager at Noodles World Kitchen, you'll: Partner with the GM to lead a high performing team; Run the restaurant with confidence, deliver solutions at the speed of light; Lead with integrity; Assess team member performance; Create an epic guest experience; Train, develop, and manage restaurant team members and shift managers...Immediate Hire >>
Noodles World Kitchen | Herndon, VA

Assistant Manager

Five Guys - 11674 Plaza America Dr [Assistant Restaurant Manager] As an Assistant Restaurant Manager at Five Guys, you'll: Be responsible for financial and inventory management; Take lead on crew assignment, training and motivation of the team during your shift; Perform customer relationship management; Have full accountability for how the shift runs under your watch; Work both opening and closing shifts each week...Hiring Immediately >>
Five Guys | Reston, VA

Assistant Manager

Cafe Rio - 6003 Burke Centre Pkwy [Restaurant Supervisor] As an Assistant Manager at Cafe Rio, you'll: Ensure that food is kept within proper temperature guidelines; Support the Manager in performance of all activities within the restaurant you are assigned to manage; Ensure that safety standards are followed while cooking or preparing food; Ensure that all prepared recipes meet taste and appearance standards...Hiring Immediately >>
Cafe Rio | Burke, VA

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