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Make people smile as a courtesy clerk!

Entry level work positions can help you get a good job to support yourself. A courtesy clerk position can offer a great way to earn money. If you are a friendly person and like to help people, becoming a courtesy clerk might be the perfect job for you.

What is a courtesy clerk and what do they do?

A courtesy clerk helps people shopping in various types of stores. They may help people bag their items after they buy something. They might also help customers bring their bags out to the car after they pay.

In addition to helping with bagging items, a courtesy clerk will also help keep the store clean. This might include jobs like sweeping floors or cleaning up spills. They might also help gather shopping carts in the parking lot. This keeps the carts organized and easy for customers to find and use.

A courtesy clerk might also help customers in other ways. If a customer needs help finding an item, the clerk might direct them to the right aisle. If items need to be restocked, then this person will help put them back on the shelves.

A courtesy clerk might also be called a cashier assistant, bagger, or cart attendant. It is their job to help customers have a good experience. Stores want customers to be happy in their stores so that they come back to buy again. A courtesy clerk helps to make this happen.

Where do courtesy clerks work?

Courtesy clerks work in a variety of types of stores. They are often seen in grocery stores. They can also be found in other types of stores where people might need help bagging items they buy.

Since grocery stores are found across the country, courtesy clerks have a lot of job opportunities. You can likely find courtesy clerk jobs in a town or city near you.

How much can courtesy clerks make?

Glassdoor tracks the salaries for people hired in courtesy clerk positions across the country. They found that the average courtesy clerk will make around $21,000 a year. Most people hired for this job will have a salary between $18,000 and $25,000 per year. Based on this salary, most courtesy clerks can expect an hourly rate of $8 to $11 per hour.

Depending upon your level of experience, you might earn more or less within this range. Someone who has been a courtesy clerk before and is good at their job, may earn closer to $11 per hour. Someone who is new to working and has not had this job before may earn closer to $8 per hour.

The amount of money you make will also depend upon factors such as where you live and the store you work for. Some stores pay more than others. Some areas of the country also cost more to live in, which means that jobs generally pay a little more than other areas.

How do I prepare to become a courtesy clerk?

The most important job of a courtesy clerk is customer service. You want to make each customer happy. Having a good attitude, therefore, is an important requirement for a courtesy clerk. Showing the person hiring the courtesy clerk that you would be polite and helpful to the customers will help you get a job.

Many stores will also want to see someone with experience. If you have ever worked in a similar job, you will want to let the store know. This might include experience as a cashier or other jobs helping to take care of a store.

You generally will not need any degree to become a courtesy clerk. The most important criteria for many employers will be finding someone willing to work hard and help their customers.

What other jobs should I consider?

If you are interested in becoming a courtesy clerk, there may be a few other jobs you should consider. These related positions can also help people new to the workforce or those who do not have degrees find good jobs to support themselves.

Stock clerk

A stock clerk will help to track the items a store sells. They will look at shipments that come in, make sure items were labeled correctly, and that they get to the right shelves. They might also help to keep track of items that run low so that the store knows they need to order more.


A cashier will help customers pay for the items they purchase. They may help customers understand how to use coupons or other discounts. In some stores, they may also help customers bag their items.

Waiter or waitress

Those looking for entry level jobs in other types of environments might consider becoming a waiter or waitress. This will involve helping customers order their food at restaurants.

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