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Is a Job as a Package Handler a Good Choice for Me?

Delivery trucks head out on the roadways every day, routing thousands of packages to the correct destinations – but all those packages need to be prepared and loaded properly. This is where a package handler comes in. In this role, you’ll be responsible for packing, labeling, sealing and loading a diverse group of shipped packages, either for a delivery brand or for a single business. Attention to detail, ability to follow directions and an awareness of safety measures will help you secure this entry level position.

If you need a flexible schedule because of school, childcare or other issues, then the role of a package handler will appeal to you. Many delivery and warehouse centers operate around the clock and use shift-based scheduling, so you can work in the daytime or at night, depending on your scheduling needs.

Package Handler Job Duties

You will work in a warehouse or loading area and will usually be responsible for one or more aspects of shipping. If you are working for an individual brand, you may be responsible for packing and sealing boxes and ensuring the address is correct. You will also help load boxes onto trucks for shipment and delivery. If you work for a delivery brand, packages will arrive pre-addressed and sealed, so you will focus on sorting and routing these items to the correct location for delivery.

Is a Job as a Package Handler Right for You?

This is an entry level job that requires moderate physical fitness and a dedication to safety. Since you will be working in a commercial or warehouse setting, there are strict safety rules in place. Most of these relate to shipping zones and equipment; these rules are designed to keep you and others safe.

If you enjoy learning about and using warehouse equipment, are good at detail work and can list the minimum required weight with ease, this job is likely a good match for you. If you want an entry level position that is not in a restaurant or retail setting, then this less people-oriented job is a good match.

What Does a Package Handler Earn? 

According to,  an entry level package handler at a major delivery brand can expect to earn $11 per hour; most of the large carriers pay the same rates, so earnings are consistent throughout the industry. Your pay could increase with overtime, or during heavy seasonal needs during the holidays, when demand for accurate and reliable shipping dramatically increases.

What Skills Do I Need for this Job

This is an entry level position; some jobs will require you to be over 18 or to have a driver’s license, since training to drive a forklift or other equipment may be required. You should also be able to meet minimum physical requirements, which vary depending on the employer. Some simply need you to be able to lift 25 pounds, other providers may require the ability to lift a minimum of 75 pounds. Package handling jobs that focus on sorting and accuracy may have lower weight requirements than those focused on loading packages onto trucks for delivery.

What Opportunities for Advancement Are There? 

Package handlers that start out at the entry level can move up to several different roles in the same or a similar company. Shift supervisors, quality assurance specialists and trainers are all potential directions for those with package handling experience. A few of the positions and opportunities to consider include;

  • Delivery Driver
  • Warehouse supervisor
  • Training Specialist
  • Logistics Manager
  • Safety Inspector

The on the job skills you pick up in the warehouse will showcase your ability to safely navigate a job site and to pay attention to details. Once you have some experience,  you have a wide range of potential jobs and industries to choose from.

Package Handler Job Outlook

Demand is steadily increasing for those with the ability to properly sort, label and direct packages; the ecommerce industry is constantly expanding. To remain competitive, brands need to deliver on time, every time; your role as a package handler will help ensure success. Job growth for this position is slightly higher than average and is seasonal. Package handling jobs peak in the late fall, just in time for the busy holiday shopping season.

If you enjoy working with others, are looking for a job that suits your physical capabilities and that rewards your hard work with a steady paycheck, then this role is a good match for you.

Warehouse Package Handler

FedEx - 23723 Air Freight Ln [Warehouse Associate / Material Handler] As a Package Handler at FedEx, you'll: Efficiently process various shipment/material types in a safe and appropriate manner; Perform effective handling, sorting, scanning, documentation, packaging, storing, shipping and disposal methods; Properly document shipment records...Hiring Immediately >>
FedEx | Dulles, VA

Baggage Handler

ABM Industries - 1 SAARINEN CIRCLE [Warehouse Associate / Material Handler] As a Baggage Handler at ABM Industries, you'll: Be responsible for the transferring of luggage between airlines to assure luggage is connected to the correct carrier in a timely manner; Perform job duties to include driving on the ramp where aircraft are parked; Transport bags from the ""bag room” to deliver bags to designated drop points...Hiring Immediately >>
ABM Industries | Dulles International Airport, VA

Order Selector - Night Shift

US Foods, Inc. - JobID: R244223 [Warehouse Associate / Material Handler] As an Order Selector at US Foods, Inc., you'll: Safely and accurately select customer orders; Build and wrap pallets to meet weekly standards for productivity and accuracy; Carefully move products from racks to pallets directed by order selecting software and equipment; Validate that correct product has been selected and is damage free...Hiring Immediately >>
US Foods, Inc. | Manassas, VA

Freight Handler PT

FedEx - 9825 Godwin Court [Warehouse Associate / Material Handler] As a Freight Handler at FedEx, you'll: Perform freight handling using appropriate motorized and manual equipment; Verify documentation matches freight description, using current electronic or manual system; Secure freight inside trailers using appropriate tools and supplies; Recoup/repair damaged freight when necessary...Hiring Immediately >>
FedEx | Manassas, VA

Warehouse Pallet Wrapper

Capstone Logistics, Inc. - 11994 Livingston Road [Warehouse Associate / Material Handler] As a Pallet Wrapper at Capstone Logistics, you'll: Perform all aspects of unloading or loading operations within a warehouse facility; Maintain a safe and productive environment to exceed customer expectations; Handle the movement of pallets on and off trailers and other vehicles by using manually or with site equipment to include forklifts...Hiring Immediately >>
Capstone Logistics, Inc. | Manassas, VA

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