Retail Customer Service

Retail Customer Service Job Description

Love helping others and meeting new people? A job as a retail customer service worker might be perfect for you. A retail customer service person is part of the team in a retail store and assists customers in a variety of ways. In some stores, a customer service person is purely there to answer questions, help customers find merchandise and resolve any issues or conflicts that arise. In others, additional duties like store opening and closing, cash register work and stocking/display duties are part of the job. If you enjoy working with others and have a friendly, outgoing personality, you’ll enjoy working in this position. 

Is a Job as a Retail Customer Service Professional Right for You?

This entry level job requires great communication skills and the desire to help others. If you enjoy shopping, helping others and love being surrounded by the latest consumer goods, then this position might be right for you. The skills you learn here will easily convey to other customer service based positions; just about every brand that interacts with consumers needs help with service. 

Like most retail positions, a customer service job offers a flexible schedule based on store hours. If you are in school, have kids or other constraints on your availability, the versatile schedule will appeal to you. You may get holidays off; many retailers close for major holidays. 

Retail Customer Service Job Duties

While the exact duties will depend on the employer, you can expect to help customers find things, to listen carefully and supportively to customer concerns and to take appropriate action when there is a problem to resolve. You’ll work at a customer service desk or on the sales floor and be able to directly interact with the customers who come into the store. In some cases, you may also field questions on the phone as well, check inventory for customers and assist with keeping the sales floor orderly and presentable.

What Does a Retail Customer Service Specialist Earn?

This role can be hourly or salary based; according to, you can expect to earn an average of $25,000 per year as a customer service specialist. The exact amount you earn will depend on how many hours you work (if hourly) and the location of your store. Some brands pay more than others and rates also vary based on location. Customer service representatives can often earn increases in pay based on performance and your own goals.

What Skills are Needed?

This is often an entry level position; your ability to communicate well, an optimistic outlook and a commitment to customer service is all you need to secure a position with a retailer. While past experience working with people in some capacity is a nice plus, it is not needed for this entry level job. Your own personality and enthusiasm are the most important factors when it comes to landing a job as a retail customer service specialist.

What Opportunities for Advancement Are Available?

The skills you learn in this position leave you ready to work for any brand that focuses on customer care and support. You have several options; many retail managers begin working in customer service and gain more responsibility as time goes on. One of the best things about a job in retail customer service is that the communication skills you pick up transition well to other fields. You could easily find a job caring for customers in one of these settings:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Business centers
  • Hospitality and hotels
  • Gyms
  • Spa and Wellness Centers

Every day you work on your retail job and every interaction you have with customers will help build your skills and enhance your ability to create a positive customer experience. These skills are in demand by businesses of all sizes and adapt well to other roles, too.

Benefits of Working in Retail Customer Service

The flexible schedule, friendly environment and chance to improve your skills are the biggest benefits of working in retail customer service. If you enjoy working with others, need some flexibility and want to develop skills you can use later in your career in virtually any field, this position will likely be right for you. 

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