Assistant Store Manager

Seizing the Opportunity

Working as an assistant store manager gives you the chance to build leadership skills. With more responsibilities and more opportunities, this job might be the perfect fit for you! Learn more about the role of an assistant store manager and what you can expect when you get the job.

Where does an assistant store manager work?

As an assistant store manager, you can work in many types of stores. For example, you might work in a clothing store, a bookstore, or a hardware store. Since you can find these types of retail stores in nearly every city and town across the country, you will find many job listings and opportunities where you live.

What will I do as an assistant store manager?

As an assistant store manager, it will be your job to help keep the store running smoothly. You will answer to the store manager and work with them to keep everyone motivated. As an assistant store manager, you will have more responsibilities than an average retail worker. At the same time, you will have opportunities to show your leadership skills and earn more money.

An assistant store manager should know the policies of the store very well. You will help the store manager enforce them and make sure the rest of the store team follows them.

You will also work to create a good experience for every customer in the store. You will strive to provide outstanding customer service. This might involve answering questions for customers, helping them with their purchase, and keeping the store clean and tidy. If any disputes arise, both your customers and the store employees may look to you to help them resolve it. You will also designate tasks to make sure that the rest of the store’s team works towards these goals as well.

Depending upon your manager, you may  have other organizational jobs as well. You may be in charge of opening or closing the store on your shifts. You may also help organize schedules for everyone in the store.

How much can I earn as an assistant store manager?

The Bureau of Labor Statisticstracks the average wages for people in nearly every job in the United States. They have found that those who work in retail sales make an average of about $11.63 per hour. This hourly rate, however, has a range, with the lowest paid workers making $9 per hour or less, while the highest earning people make closer to $20 per hour, sometimes even more.

As an assistant store manager, you have more responsibilities than an average worker, This also means that you have more opportunities to earn money. You can expect your pay to be in the upper half of this scale.

Keep in mind that the type of store you work in will also impact your salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that retail workers in building supplies and gardening stores tend to earn a little more per hour than those who work in clothing stores, for example.

How do I become an assistant store manager?

Most retail positions only require a high school diploma or a GED. Reaching the position of assistant store manager depends more upon experience and demonstrating leadership skills.

People interested in hiring assistant store managers will look for candidates they can depend upon to keep th store running smoothly.

This means you want to demonstrate your organizational and leadership skills. A good assistant store manager can motivate people to perform well, stay on top of many tasks at once, and help other people remain organized as well. The more you can demonstrate these skills, the easier it will be to secure this type of job.

You will also want to have experience working in retail specifically. Since you will be left in charge of  making sure policies and procedures are followed, settling disputes that arise, and even sometimes with scheduling and other tasks, the store managers need to know you understand how the store operates.

What other jobs should I consider?

If you are interested in becoming an assistant store manager, there are also a few other jobs that should be included in your search.

Retail salesperson.If you enjoy working in a retail environment and have strong interpersonal skills, but do not have the experience needed or the desire to become an assistant sales manager, then working as a retail salesperson may be for you. You will not need as much experience, the focus is more on an enthusiastic personality to help customers and make sales.

Restaurant server.Restaurant serves require similar levels of education to retail workers and also need to develop strong interpersonal skills.

Restaurant shift manager.If you have experience in the food service industry and want to find a higher paid position with some leadership responsibilities, then a restaurant shift manager may be for you.

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