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If you’re looking for a career opportunity where you can work in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment with a well established company, then you may want to search your area for Burger King job opportunities.

From part-time drive-thru positions to full-time jobs at corporate and everything in between, Burger King is sure to have a position that would suit your needs and skill-set. With more than 13,000 franchise locations across the globe, this fast food giant employs more than 34,000 people.

Burger King Positions Available

While you might automatically think of “flipping burgers” when you think about working at Burger King, there are more than just food-service jobs available. Burger King offers in-restaurant roles that include supervisory and management/assistant management positions, as well as opportunities at their corporate offices. Burger King also offers a number of entry routes for campus graduates looking to go into the corporate world, including summer internships.

Still, the most common job posting you’ll likely see for Burger King is that of an in-restaurant Team Member position. These workers are the heart of the restaurant, carrying on such daily responsibilities as taking customers’ food orders, preparing orders, answering questions about the menu, and maintaining a clean and safe work environment. Those considering applying for a Team Member position at a local restaurant should be prepared for longer shifts that require some potential heavy lifting and being on one’s feet. 

Upon hiring at a restaurant location, you will be provided with paid training that typically lasts a few days and helps you learn more about the menu offerings, how to deliver excellent customer service, and how to practice sanitary and safe food preparation.

Burger King also offers some great opportunities for upward advancement; in fact, many store managers start off as part- or full-time team members. These workers are ideal candidates for managerial roles because they have the experience needed to understand the day-to-day operations of the restaurant.

Burger King offers both part- and full-time positions as well, making it a popular employment opportunity for those who need a flexible schedule. With most positions, there is also the ability to transition from a part-time position to a full-time one, if desired.

Burger King Employee Benefits

Working a Burger King comes with its inherent perks and benefits. Some of these include:

  • profit sharing opportunities
  • a 401(k) plan
  • health, dental, and vision insurance available
  • long-term disability insurance available
  • life insurance available

Specifics for these benefit offerings can vary from one franchise to another, and part-time employees may not be offered the exact same benefits as full-time workers. However, all Burger King employees do enjoy some basic on-site benefits when they work in a restaurant location, such as free drinks (including soft drinks), meal discounts, and ample break time.

For Burger King employees looking to grow their career prospects, summer internships and leadership development programs are also available. This includes a unique MBA leadership program that helps to prepare recent graduates for rewarding careers in Burger King’s professional and corporate offices. 

Burger King also offers relatively competitive wages for all of its positions; most of the positions pay an hourly wage, though some corporate and managerial positions are salaried. Hourly pay rates can vary depending on the state in which you’re aplying, so you may need to inquire with the restaurant franchisee directly to find out about starting pay.

Burger King servers an average of 11 million guests every day worldwide

More About Burger King Growth and Stability

Job stability is an understandably important factor for anybody seeking employment. With Burger King, employees enjoy a fair amount of job stability and peace of mind; Burger King has been steadily growing. In 2018 alone, the fast food restaurant reported a sales growth of 3.8% in addition to system-wide sales growth of 11%. In an environment where fast food chains are generally struggling, Burger King continues to thrive.

This is good news for the company’s current employees and prospective new employees. As new Burger King franchises open, there is sure to be a greater demand for new employees. This also provides excellent advancement opportunities for current workers.

If you’re interested in a career with Burger King, there are likely job openings in your area. You can submit an application online to get started. 

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