What does it take to work at the global, multi-billion dollar membership warehouse club we all know as Costco? For starters, some good old ambition and energy to keep up with their fast-paced team environment spanning the retail membership clubs (sales floor and backroom), distribution centers, call centers, regional home offices and corporate office in Issaquah, Washington. Frequently ranked in the top 10 of Forbes America’s Best Employers, they offer great jobs, great pay and great benefits to service-oriented people with integrity and a commitment toward a common goal of excellence.     

A busy Costco Membership Club in Los Angeles, CA

Working at Costco

With over 750 worldwide locations and 200,000 employees, Costco touts that they are dedicated to promoting from within – virtually anyone that can become an expert in their merchandising and operations can see a lot of growth opportunity. For example, they point out that today there are Warehouse Managers, Membership Club Managers and Corporate Vice-Presidents who were once Stockers and Cashier Assistants. Here are some of our other more popular FAQs:

How old do you have to be to work at Costco?

At least 18 years of age.

What are Costco’s Hours?

Most locations are open from 10AM-8:30PM, although it is common for certain positions to work off-hours prior to open and after close to maintain the membership warehouse.

Does Costco have a minimum wage for store workers?

Yes! In March 2019, Costco announced that it was increasing minimum wage for all U.S. and Canada store employees to $15 per hour. While it’s unclear when this will officially take effect, it’s reassuring to know that in June 2018, they announced and completed a rollout of a $14 per hour minimum wage.   

Does Costco offer employee benefits?

Yes – generous benefits. Part-time, hourly employees are eligible for benefits on the first of the month after working 600 hours or 180 days, whichever comes first. Full-time, hourly employees are eligible for benefits on the first of the month after working 450 hours or 90 days, whichever comes first. Benefits include: Health Care, Dental Care, Pharmacy Program, Vision Program, 401(k) Plan, Dependent Care Assistance Plan, Long-Term Disability, Life Insurance and several others…phew!

How long does it take to complete a Costco Employment Application?

In general, it takes between 45-60 minutes to complete your initial application. In order to apply, you create an account with their Applicant Tracking System, which allows you to save your progress and more easily reapply after six months if you are not selected the first time.

Do I need a resume/CV to apply at Costco? No, candidates applying for hourly positions in Costco’s membership warehouse club locations do not require a resume or CV. The online application will ask you for personal information, job history, position(s) desired, availability and professional and personal references.

Costco Store Positions and Salary Information

Costco is in first place for fair wages…by a wide margin

As discussed, one of the more attractive aspects of working at Costco is the salary and benefits. Currently, Costco pays all store employees a minimum of $14 per hour. In March 2019, Costco announced that will be increased to $15 per hour which will be go into effect in the near future. Additionally, both part-time and full-time employees are eligible for a myriad of great benefits after working a mere 600 and 450 hours, respectively.

Costco also offers flexible schedules to accommodate work-life balance and ongoing education (including G.I Bill for veterans).

Costco’s most popular positions include:


Stocks and straightens merchandise for sale in the warehouse. Clears and cleans aisles, and assists members.


Processes member orders, collects payment while providing a high level of member service. Performs clean up, department set-up and closing tasks as necessary.

Cashier Assistant:

Packs member orders into boxes and transfers items to a separate cart for Cashiers. Performs clean-up, cart retrieval, merchandise restocking and runs for items as directed.

Membership Assistant:

Processes member sign ups, renewals and added cards. Instructs members and potential members about membership, warehouse and credit programs. Assists members regarding item availability. Issues replacement and temporary cards, keys credit applications and provides a high level of member service.

Food Service Assistant:

Prepares and sells food and drinks to customers. Pulls and stocks supplies and ingredients, cleans kitchen area and eating area. Provides prompt and courteous member service.

Service Deli Assistant:

Prepares, packages, and labels meals, entrees, salads, party trays, rotisserie chicken, ribs, sushi, and sliced meats and cheeses. Assembles take-and–bake pizzas.

Tire Installer:

Balances, installs, and rotates tires. Stocks tires, repairs tires.

Non-Licensed Hearing Aid Attendant:

Answers telephone and schedules appointments for the Hearing Center. Rings sales, provides clerical support, cleans area, and provides prompt and courteous customer service.

Meat Cutter:

Cuts and trims and prepares raw meat for sale using saws, knifes, grinder, and tenderizer.

An enthusiastic Costco cashier processing a member’s order

You’ve Submitted Your Costco Application – What Happens Next?

The hiring process typically lasts a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks depending on the location, number of applicants and the time of year. The important thing to remember is that you created an account on Costco’s Applicant Tracking System when you applied. At any point, you can log-in and check the status of the openings you have applied to.

If you are selected for an initial interview, expect a phone call from Hiring Personnel to schedule an in-person interview. Interviews take place on-site at the store location that you applied to. This first round interview will take place with at least one hiring manager and may include other managers and supervisors. Group interviews and panel interviews are common at this phase. Plan to dress in business casual attire and be prepared to enthusiastically answer questions and provide examples of times when you were honest, accurate, worked as part of a team, handled an angry customer and generally prepared for this interview.

If you are selected for a second interview, you will typically hear back within a few days of the completion of your first interview. You will most likely see a few familiar faces and a few new hiring managers, supervisors and human resources representatives. Be prepared to corroborate many of your answers from the first interview and get into the details of the position you initially applied for. Problem-solving and being able to think on your feet with integrity will be a primary focus here.

Some candidates have experienced third and fourth rounds of interviews, but they appear to be rare. It’s possible these rounds are to simply tour the facility and meet prospective co-workers. Following the final interview, Costco may require applicants to submit a background check and drug test before making an official offer. Costco’s policies on background checks and particularly drug tests appears to vary from store-to-store.

Costco Jobs Near You

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