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Dollar Tree is a Fortune 500 company, operating almost 15,000 stores across the U.S.

Dream Jobs: What’s So Great About Working at Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree is a successful retail chain founded in 1986. True to the brand name, most items sold in the stores are priced at $1. The non-franchised brand, where individual stores are not independently owned, includes the following discount stores: Family Dollar, Dollar Bills, Deal$ and Dollar Giant. There are currently over 6000 stores, located across 48 states and Canada.

Company History

Dollar Tree’s history goes back to a time well before the current brand name. Founder K. R. Perry opened a Ben Franklin “variety store” in the early 1950s in VA, later renamed the K&K 5&10. These stores are examples of early “single price point” retailers. Company founders then opened K&K Toy stores in the 1970s, located in more than 100 malls across the Eastern US. In the mid-1980s, the founders opened a few stores called Only $1, next door to the toy stores.

Dollar Tree Expansion

KB Toys bought the K&K Toy stores in the early 1990s, and with these funds, the founders expanded their Only $1 stores, changing the name to Dollar Tree. In 1995, Dollar Tree became a public company traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange at a $15 share price. Over the next two decades, Dollar Tree bought out some smaller 99c stores and dollar stores and opened distribution centers at strategic locations across the country. In 2008, Dollar Tree hit the Fortune 500 list and acquired competitor Family Dollar in 2015.


At Dollar Tree, you’ll find a large selection of imported merchandise and some items made in the USA. Items stocked by Dollar Tree include kitchen utensils, closet organization supplies, gifts, gift wrap, greeting cards, children’s toys, office supplies, school and art supplies, party décor, holiday and seasonal items, groceries and beverages, personal health and beauty merchandise, sunglasses and more.


Popular locations where you’ll find Dollar Tree stores include outdoor strip malls, often anchored by grocery stores, scattered across cities and small towns. Stand-alone locations also exist.

Qualifications to Work at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is an equal opportunity employer, seeking reliable, enthusiastic employees who are imaginative and creative. You can choose from work areas such as store associate, store manager, logistics or warehouse team member, corporate (finance, real estate, logistics management) staff and more. Entry level positions pay your state’s minimum wage currently and you must follow your states minimum age requirement to work.

A Dollar Tree Cashier can make between $7 and $14 per hour

Why Work at Dollar Tree? Advantages and Opportunities

  • Flexible work schedules help employees make time for school or family commitments. Shifts are typically short and less than 8 hours per day.
  • Simple, uncomplicated job duties are typically not difficult to learn and master, so you can get up to speed quickly.
  • Low intensity work (in general) helps avoid stress.
  • Meeting new people, co-workers and customers, keeps the job interesting.
  • Friendly work environment offers a satisfying teamwork experience.
  • Customer service work provides valuable practice dealing with people. These are skills you can use throughout your working life.
  • Retail store operations training provides skills that transfers easily to future jobs/positions.
  • Cash-handling skills help you qualify for a variety of work roles in your future career.
  • Promotion to management is open to qualified internal employees, as openings occur.
  • Finding a job conveniently near your home is typically easy with a large chain, like Dollar Tree. 
  • Working at a national retailer, like Dollar Tree, can be helpful if you want to transfer to another neighborhood, city or state. 

Employee Benefits Offered by Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.

Dollar Tree employee benefits can include medical (including “virtual doctor visits” from home), prescription, dental, and vision insurance. Employees can also receive paid time off (PTO), along with wellness programs that help with issues like losing weight or stopping smoking. The company also offers health benefit savings accounts, allowing participants to save money pre-tax, to be used for health care, supplies, dental costs and more. Life, accidental death and short-term disability insurance are also available to qualified Dollar Tree employees. Staff members also receive product discounts on Dollar Tree merchandise.

How to Apply to Work at Dollar Tree Stores

Use this Dollar Tree online application or visit your local store in person. (An in-person visit may help you show that you are serious about getting hired.) You can also search online for store manager, distribution, or corporate positions at Dollar Tree.

Although no job is right for everyone, if you enjoy meeting new people and would like to work in a convenient, neighborhood location, Dollar Tree could be a terrific option for you.

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Dollar Tree - 508 FORT EVANS RD [Retail Associate / Cashier / Team Member] As a Sales Floor Associate at Dollar Tree, you'll: Handle all sales transactions while operating assigned cash register; Maintain security of all cash; Maintain a high level of good customer service; Protect all company assets; Maintains a pleasant, friendly, cooperative attitude with customers, co-workers and supervisors; Fully cross-train to assist with unloading truck; receiving and stocking...Hiring Immediately >>
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