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Pizza Hut’s Story

What does a $600 loan and outer space have in common? Gold star if you answered “Pizza Hut”. Back in 1958 two brothers from Wichita, Kansas borrowed $600 from their mom to open a pizzeria. Forty three years later in 2001, they became the first restaurant chain to deliver food (a pizza of course) to outer space. In between these historic events, the restaurant quickly gained local acclaim for delicious food and quality service at an affordable price. It’s these same principles that today have allowed Pizza Hut to expand to almost 16,000 restaurants in 97 countries while employing 300,000 individuals.

In 2001, Pizza Hut sent a pizza to the International Space Station onboard a resupply rocket.

Working at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut touts a “Live Life Unboxed” work culture – a chance to be your best, make friends and have fun while assisting the company in the pursuit of pushing innovative boundaries. This sounds great so long as you are not the Delivery Driver for the order that was delivered to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (this really happened too).

Job seekers are initially attracted to employment at Pizza Hut based on their ability to offer flexible schedules allowing individuals to remain in school, retain a second job and/or tend to their family. They also offer an array of positions spanning all experience levels from entry level to professional (see more on the positions offered below).

Employees tend to stick around Pizza Hut for the long haul due to a system-wide philosophy of promoting from within. There are countless stories of Team Members and Delivery Drivers that went on to become Shift Managers; Shift Managers that went on to become General Managers; and even Cooks that went on to become Franchise Owners. This can be chalked up to company-sponsored career development programs, one of many perks touted by Pizza Hutt (see other perks offered below).

Also noteworthy, the minimum age to work at Pizza Hut is 16 years old. Note that Delivery Driver and Store Management positions typically require candidates to be at least 18 years old.

Pizza Hut Positions

Here are a few of Pizza Hut’s most highly sought after positions

Delivery Driver

Your office is the open road. As a Delivery Driver, you get to make hungry customers happy and make some extra money in tips in the process! Besides your smile, energy, and reliable set of wheels, here’s what you’ll need for this job:

  • A clean driving record, valid driver’s license, insurance and a reliable vehicle
  • A friendly demeanor: Smile and treat customers like you would your family and friends. Think of it this way – a smile and a kind word can mean the difference between a wallet full of tips and just some extra change for your cup holder.

Team Member

Team Members are jacks-of-all-trades. You can gain experience in helping customers with their orders, performing cashier duties, running food preparation, and working together to keep the restaurant in order. You’ll be a great fit for this position if:

  • You’re a fun and friendly person who values customers and takes absolute pride in everything you do.
  • You’ve got the right attitude and understand the need to be on time, all the time. With loads of energy, you understand that work is easier – and more fun – with some teamwork.

Shift Leader

As a Shift Leader, you are the day-to-day captain. You keep shifts running smoothly, customers happy, and team members having fun. You value collaboration and organization. You’ll be a great fit for this position if:

  • You’re the honest, energetic and approachable type; able to get along and communicate easily with people at all levels.
  • You’re a natural leader, you sincerely value customers and champion teamwork.
  • You set high standards for yourself and the people you work with – you love keeping things clean, safe, and fun for the team and the customers.
  • You want to learn how to run great restaurants from the best restaurant managers in the business.

Restaurant Management

As a part of the management team, you help direct daily operations of an entire restaurant. Using business expertise and management skills, you keep both your team and your customers happy. You’ll be a great fit for this position if:

  • You possess leadership experience in the restaurant, hospitality or retail industry.
  • You have the ability to maintain the financial well-being of your operation by meeting food cost and labor goals.
  • You’re able to create a great place to work for your team.
  • You have a desire to make your customers’ day and it shows in the way you serve amazing pizza with a smile.
  • Set high standards for yourself and for your people.

Pizza Hut Perks

Pizza Hut boasts their employee perks with a tagline of “It’s More Than Making Dough”. Clever! The array of benefits offered to restaurant employees include:

Life Unboxed EDU: Through a partnership with Excelsior College, this program allows team members to achieve a college degree by applying their on-the-job training courses as credits toward their chosen degree. Additionally, team members and their family receive a 51% discount on tuition.

GEDWorks Program: The perk provides team members the opportunity to unlock their full potential by taking study courses and the GED test at a discounted price.

Discounts: An entire website providing discounts that are dedicated to saving team members money on all aspects of life.

Team member discounts are virtually limitless

Pizza Hut Jobs Near You

Delivery Driver

Pizza Hut - 18070 Mateny Rd [Local Driver / Team Member / Courier] As a Delivery Driver at Pizza Hut, you'll: Maintain a clean driving record while delivering to customers; Treat the customers like you would your family and friends; Read a map and find your way around your delivery area; Keep your uniform clean everyday...Hiring Immediately >>
Pizza Hut | Germantown, MD

Shift Manager

Pizza Hut - 18070 Mateny Rd [Restaurant Shift Lead] As a Shift Manager at Pizza Hut, you'll: Be responsible for managing restaurant operations during assigned shifts; Sincerely value customers and embrace the idea of "team together"; Communicate easily with people at all levels; Keep the restaurant clean, safe, and most of all, fun, for your team and customers; Teach and motivate the team to improve ...Hiring Immediately >>
Pizza Hut | Germantown, MD

Team Member

Pizza Hut - 18070 Mateny Rd [Restaurant Associate / Crew Member] As a Team Member at Pizza Hut, you'll: Greet and seat customers as they come in; Take orders and input the order in the computer; Answer and take orders on the phone; Anticipate customer needs making their dining experience the best...Hiring Immediately >>
Pizza Hut | Germantown, MD

Restaurant General Manager

Pizza Hut - 18070 Mateny Rd [Restaurant Manager] As an Assistant Restaurant Manager at Pizza Hut, you'll: Manage and lead all restaurant operations daily; Represent the brand with delivering superior service and hot, fresh product; Lead by example and uplift/motivate staff; Organize and supervise shifts; Ensure compliance with food safety and sanitation; Control operational costs and drive profitability...Hiring Immediately >>
Pizza Hut | Germantown, MD

Assistant Restaurant Manager

Pizza Hut - 18070 Mateny Rd [Restaurant Shift Manager] As an Assistant Restaurant Manager at Pizza Hut, you'll: Make your team and guests feel like family with smiles, teamwork and dedication; Use your natural leadership skills, put together a winning team; Teach the team new things and motivate them to work together; Make your customer's day by ensuring the restaurant serves amazing pizza and provides amazing service...Hiring Immediately >>
Pizza Hut | Germantown, MD


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