Sam’s Club

Employees Enjoy A Supportive Culture With Numerous Benefits

Did you know that Sam’s Club employs more than 100,000 associates across approximately 600 locations? Not only does Sam’s Club employ a large amount of individuals, but it encourages and supports a vibrant work community. From delivering a shopping experience that is infused with the latest digital solutions, to supporting local communities, to offering amazing employee benefits, Sam’s Club offers a unique opportunity for workers to thrive, learn, and grow in their chosen careers. 

Sam’s Club Offers Opportunities For Growth

When you work at Sam’s Club, you will be able to participate in countless growth opportunities. For example, you can begin working in a part-time position, such as a café associate or cashier, before working your way up to a full-time position. During your tenure as a cashier, café associate, or service associate, you will learn valuable skills and tools that you can apply throughout your career. From learning how to be the face of a company, to discovering how the latest digital tools can help you to complete tasks more efficiently, Sam’s Club employees are known for learning on the job, retaining valuable skills, and reaching new heights in their careers. 

Managers at Sam’s Club can learn how to empower both themselves and the people that they manage. This type of role is great for someone who is dedicated to helping others, wants to support their local community, and thrives on developing innovative solutions. In fact, when you become a manager at Sam’s Club you might even have the opportunity to earn a six figure income. In addition to a great salary, managers also have access to training and professional development courses that will help them to reach new levels of success. 

Another unique opportunity for growth lies in the health and wellness sector. At Sam’s Club, you can truly make a difference in your local community when you work for the pharmacy. This type of position will give you the opportunity you need to become a trusted healthcare professional. Once again, Sam’s Club takes care of its employees by offering training, courses, and educational opportunities that will help you to further advance your career. 

Enjoy Countless Benefits When You Work At Sam’s Club

Did you know that Walmart-owned Sam’s Clubs will be giving pay increases throughout 2019? The company recently announced that it will be implementing a new martial-arts-inspired training program. Approximately 25,000 employees (and future workers) will be able to enroll in the program. The program itself should take approximately 18 months to complete and will see employees moving from white belt, to orange belt, to blue belt, and finally to black belt. On average, if an employee earns an orange belt, then their hourly pay will increase by $0.50. Reaching a blue belt means earning an additional $1.50 per hour. If an employee earns a black belt, then they will earn an additional $5.00 per hour. In short, if employees complete the entire program then they could earn up to $7.00 extra per hour. The moral of the story is simple, Sam’s Club is dedicated to helping internal talent develop new skills, while simultaneously earning more money for their hard work and dedication. 

Sam’s Club also offers numerous benefits to employees. These benefits include paid time off and 401(k) retirement plans. Eligible employees will be able to receive up to a six percent match in for their 401(k). Certain positions also offer healthcare coverage, including vision and dental. Finally, Sam’s Club offers various insurance options including long-term disability, short-term disability, medical, vision, and life insurance. 

Become Part Of The Inclusive Culture At Sam’s Club

Working at Sam’s Club has countless benefits. From the unique learning opportunities, to the martial-arts-inspired training program, to the healthcare and 401(k) retirement plans, Sam’s Club does an amazing job of creating a wholistic environment for its employees. Speaking of environment, you will discover that Sam’s Club focuses on an inclusive culture. By creating a workplace culture that makes everyone feel at home, comfortable, and supported, Sam’s Club helps its employees achieve higher levels of success. To discover the benefits of working for a company that truly cares about its employees, you can apply for one of the open positions at Sam’s Club today. 

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