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Taco Bell’s new branding and store layout has been well-received.

The first Taco Bell was opened in 1962 in Downey, California by entrepreneur Glen Bell. Just five years later, the company celebrated the opening of its 100th store. The following year, Taco Bell marked the opening its first location east of the Mississippi River in Springfield, Ohio. By 1970, the company had 325 restaurants and went public. Taco Bell offers an innovative approach to the quick service restaurant (QSR) concept that makes it a great place to work. 

Stores Across the Globe

Today, Taco Bell operates more than 7,000 restaurants that serve over 42 million customers every week across the United States. The brand also has a presence in nearly 30 countries with 500 stores worldwide. This far-reaching presence makes it easy for anyone who wants to explore the United States or the rest of the world to transfer to a different location. It’s also ideal for military families who have to transfer because it’s likely that there’s a location close to their next duty station. 

Entry-Level Positions

Taco Bell provides a good starting place for people in a variety of situations who need a job. Whether an applicant is just getting started in the workforce, has been out of a job due to health or family reasons or who is seeking a flexible opportunity, the entry-level positions provide a realistic experience into the world of work. 

While these positions usually require little in the way of previous experience, interviewees can expect questions regarding their work ethic, ability to work as a team and others that provide the company with a well-rounded view of a person. 

Flexible Hours and Above-Average Starting Pay

With most positions being part-time, a job at Taco Bell is ideal for people who need flexible hours that can work around their other responsibilities such as schooling and family. While the actual starting pay depends on a number of factors, including the local economy, the person’s experience and the position they are hired for, according to other Taco Bell employees, the starting pay is higher than the average for a QSR restaurant. 

Ability to Move Up

Because the typical Taco Bell location consists of several key job titles, the ability to move upward within that store — and the organization as well — exists. For example, in addition to a crew member, an employee of Taco Bell could find themselves being considered for the position of shift lead, restaurant general manager or assistant general manager, depending on their experience and the needs of a particular store or a corporate location. 

Helpful and Supportive Restaurant Culture

Taco Bell Food Champions enjoy preparing and packaging food in the kitchen

At Taco Bell, there is a culture that supports employees in getting the most out of life. By focusing on providing diverse career opportunities and supporting teamwork, the company strives to make its team members feel valued and wanted. There is an emphasis on maintaining a fun, fast-paced work environment in which everyone looks out for each other.

In addition, because the culture at Taco Bell focuses on education, there are numerous opportunities to learn new concepts and skills. For example, in some instances, the company could help employees become ServSafe certified, a valuable tool that can be used as a bridge to other positions. 

Opportunities for Scholarships and Other Philanthropic Programs

The Taco Bell Foundation strives to make the world a better place — not just for its employees, but also for young people in general. Each year, the company provides grants, scholarships and other innovative programs that are designed to help others improve their lives and further their education. 

Their Live Mas Scholarship Program was launched in 2015 and is committed to awarding $21 million by 2022. The Live Mas Scholarship is aimed to helping those dreamers, creators, innovators and others whose passions aren’t within the scope of athletics or academia. In 2016, the Foundation introduced the Live Mas Scholarship for Restaurant Employees aimed at assisting their team members in their pursuit of their educational dreams. The company’s Renewal Program provides funding that is designed to help those who have previously been awarded scholarship money. 

The fact that many Taco Bell restaurants give employees a discount on their menu items or even allow them to eat items up to a certain price point provides another benefit of working at this diverse and forward-thinking company. 

Taco Bell Jobs Near You

Crew/Team - Service Champion

Taco Bell - 19923 Century Blvd [Restaurant Associate / Crew Member] As a Service Champion at Taco Bell, you'll: Be responsible for providing quick and efficient service to customers; Greet customers and take their food and beverage orders; Accurately record customer's orders into register and compute the amount of the bill; Serve drinks from dispensing machines or make and serve hot drinks from water heater or coffee maker...Hiring Immediately >>
Taco Bell | Germantown, MD

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