Wonderful Reasons for Working at Wendy’s!

Wendy’s is an established franchise business founded in 1969, in Columbus OH. Dave Thomas named his restaurant after his daughter (using her nickname), and it quickly turned into a large chain of successful QSRs (quick service restaurants). Not satisfied to serve typical “fast food”, Dave set out to provide hearty food for family enjoyment, that was (and is) served quickly and conveniently. Today, newer Wendy’s restaurants across the country feature modern, yet comfortable design elements like corner fireplaces, communal tables with padded stools, many windows, and exposed industrial ductwork near the ceiling. Wendy’s is the #3 burger chain in the US, behind McDonald’s and Subway. Wendy’s believes in supporting its valued employees and helping them achieve their life goals. The company wants working there to feel like working in a family business. 

Wendy’s Food

Wendy’s menu is unique, including fresh (never frozen) square hamburger sandwiches, baked potatoes with toppings, fries, and their signature soft-serve ice cream dessert called the Frosty. Also served are chicken sandwiches, salads, fruit-flavored drinks like strawberry lemonade, coffee, and carbonated beverages. Some Wendy’s locations also serve breakfast. In addition to fireplaces and lots of windows, most Wendy’s also offer a freestyle beverage bar, where you can get your own beverage in the dining room, and even mix-and-match flavors. Wendy’s offers delivery through 3rd-party companies like DoorDash.

Locations and Pay at Wendy’s

Today, there are 6600 Wendy’s restaurants around the world (with 300 company owned, non-franchises) mostly in the US and Canada, with plans to add 1000 more. As with most franchises, the same owner/company may run several ​Wendy’s franchise locations, with 11 to 15 units per owner being average. Wendy’s crew members make from $7 to $10 per hour, with shift supervisors making about $13 per hour, according to 3rd-party surveys of employees. Employees will be paid at least the state or local minimum wage required in your area.

Qualifications to Work at Wendy’s

Wendy’s offers positions including crew member, shift supervisor, and restaurant manager in it’s many locations. Crew members may work as cashiers, cooks, drive-through and perform other duties, such as tidying up the dining room, refilling supplies, and wiping tables. At headquarters in Ohio, there are positions like customer care advocate and legal assistant. For most positions, you can apply online or in person. You must be the minimum age to work in your state and have a right to work in the US. Wendy’s hires entry level crew members with no work experience, but those with experience may have an advantage. 

Why Work at Wendy’s? Advantages and Opportunities

 Working at Wendy’s, you can enjoy:

  • Flexible work schedules, including evening and/or night work, can help you make time for family and school.
  • Fast-paced work, which means you are never bored and your workday goes by fast.
  • Food discounts. (Details vary because individual location owners may have different rules.)
  • The chance to be hired with no work experience. Wendy’s could be your first job!
  • Getting promoted from within, so you can move up!(You get a chance at promotion before the company hires from outside.)
  • Learning communication and leadership skills.
  • Working as part of a team and making new friends, which can be fun and rewarding beyond the pay check.
  • Working in a teamwork atmosphere, which means you may chip in on several tasks, rather than doing only one single thing all day or evening.
  • Gaining customer service work experience. These interpersonal, communication skills can be used in any future career–and in your personal life, too.
  • Learning to run a retail store and fast food service restaurant. These skills transfer to future jobs/positions.
  • Gaining cash-handling skills, which can help you qualify for many different jobs in the future.
  • Working in a bright, modern environment, with computerized cash registers, automated order-taking systems and free Wi-fi provided for customer use, in most locations.
  • Working at a big fast food chain, which is great if you ever want to transfer to another neighborhood, city or state.
  • Pride in working for a company with sustainable, compassionate and high quality business practices, including animal welfare, caring for the environment and giving back to the local community. Wendy’s also shares profits with its foster care and adoption charities.
  • And more.

Employee Benefits Offered by Wendy’s

Company owned and franchisee-owned locations may offer different benefits. Be sure to ask about your location’s specific employee benefits, like sick pay or earned vacation.

How to Apply for Work at Wendy’s

For most positions at local restaurant locations, you can apply in person. For Ohio headquarters positions, you can apply online.

Wendy’s Jobs Near You

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