New Workplace Trend: Unlimited Vacation Days

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation?  Probably—but you can’t, because your boss wont let you.  Unless you work at Virgin or Netflix, that is.  Yeah, I’m about to say it.  Netflix and Virgin offer great vacation flexibility.  But it’s not just great, it’s as good as it gets.  Netflix and Virgin offer employees unlimited vacation days.  Meaning (in theory) you could take off as many days as you want, whenever you want. At Virgin, Richard Branson proposed this new vacation policy which gives their employees the flexibility to create their own vacation schedule, and have the vacation Continue Reading

The Funniest Things People Ever Said on a Resume

Since your first résumé, you have been told to be creative, stand out from others and possibly even knock an employer’s socks off. While this is typically great advice, there is such a thing as taking it too far. No matter what approach you take, your résumé is an advertisement of YOU with the goal of securing a first interview. If you advertise outrageous, ridiculous or crazy, don’t be surprised when you are passed by. Here’s a few of our favorites: Objectives “To work in an office with coffee and food. This helps me be productive.” “I want to be a billionaire.” “To Continue Reading

The Most Interesting (and Ridiculous) Jobs Out There

Here’s a curve ball for you. Chances are, you had no idea any of these jobs existed. From insanely monotonous to surprisingly obsolete, here’s the wildest list of jobs companies actually pay people to do. The Doorman Back in the day, the doorman used to open the door.  Today, most doormen have been replaced by machines.  Doors usually aren’t that heavy, and people generally don’t expect the same formalities that they used to.  Surprisingly, doormen are still…well…opening doors for people to this day!  Many high-end venues treat the position with the same necessity as previous generations, and lots of people still Continue Reading

Ready to Quit your Job? Make it Memorable.

Ever sit and dream about unloading on your boss?  Just step into the office, inhale, and shout every little grievance that’s ever on your mind…and top it all off by yelling, “I QUIT!”  That may not always be the best way to go about it, but we’ll show you how to really quit in style!  Just watch the two videos below to get an idea. …or, you can add a little feeling to it…

Make a Living from the Couch—And Get Paid to Watch TV!

Hold on to your remote for this one—you can get paid to watch TV all day. You heard right!  Netflix hires specialized TV watchers called, ‘taggers’ to watch TV shows and movies from their catalog and ‘tag’ each program. Similar to tagging a blog, taggers choose from a massive thousand-word pool to choose words that best describe the show. The tags are used to help Netflix narrow down searches and personalize it’s users video suggestions.  As you can imagine, landing a tagging job is no piece of cake.  The field is highly competitive, and only the most passionate TV and movie Continue Reading

Considering a Frozen Food Tasting Job? It May Not Be as Good as You Think

As a freelance illustrator, Matthew taste-tested frozen foods to make ends meet.  Everything from frozen Chinese food to French fries, he ate it.  Four hours a day, for 3 days of the week.  And for $16.50 an hour, it almost seemed worth it.  But it wasn’t—this job isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. The excessive salt would cause terrible blisters in his mouth. Fried food has never appealed to him since.  What was most interesting about the experience was seeing the reality behind the food we eat. Focus groups play a major part in every aspect of our food; Continue Reading

Rocky Mountain High: Jobs in the New Marijuana Economy

All those years of pot growing in your basement may not be a waste of time.  As demand for legal marijuana grows, legal growing jobs do too.  How would you like to legally grow pot for a living?  It’s not that far fetched anymore—this budding new economy has lots of jobs to offer, and lots of them pay very well.  Some people have made millions! So what kinds of new high-paying jobs are out there? The Grower: Gardening has never been cooler than this. The grower plants and maintains marijuana outdoors or in a greenhouse.  In addition to that, the Continue Reading

Interview Strategies: “Tell Me More About Yourself.”

“If you could be any emoji, which one would you choose?” “What would you say is your greatest weakness?” You’ll have to answer tough questions during an interview.  There’s no way around it, and you can’t predict exactly what you’ll be asked.  Try answering the following questions to help yourself prepare.  Give it a shot and see how you do, it might just help you land that job you need! Tell me a bit about yourself What they mean: Who are you, really?  What type of personality do you have, and what attributes (good or bad) will you bring to our Continue Reading

A Surprising Reason Why Men Get Hired Over Equally Qualified Women

Why do major corporations like HP have a disproportionate amount of men in management?  Is there a massive sexist conspiracy to hire only men for well-paying jobs? According to an internal report, there’s definitely not! According to the Hewlett-Packard internal report, women (on average) applied less for top positions, because they doubted their ability to meet the qualifications.  It’s a self-inflicted wound!  Men, on the other hand, tended to overestimate their ability to meet the qualifications.  On average, men are willing to apply if they meet only 60% of the qualifications listed.  The report highlights an interesting trend.  Men were satisfied Continue Reading

5 Questions You Need to Know How to Answer

We’ve all been there.  You spend hours preparing for the big interview.  You know all the names, the mission statement, and anything they could possibly ask.  Once inside, everything is going well, until you’re blindsided by a question you couldn’t anticipate.  Not knowing what to say, you stumble, thinking to yourself, “how could this happen?”  Don’t be set back like this again.  There’s a way you can prepare yourself for the unknown!  Here’s five questions to ask yourself to ensure you’re never left speechless at an interview again. Think of something that’s not on your resume. They ask: “Tell us Continue Reading

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