From Cashier to Store Manager

Back in 2009, Amanda Whitehurst was just a temp cashier in Walmart.

By 2019, she was a manager of a Walmart supercenter in Crossett, Arkansas. At the time, she was just looking for anything. “If they hire me, it’ll be until I find a real job”

Her supervisor at the time helped her balance work and her home life. She had two young kids, 8 and 10 and her assistant manager worked with her schedule to make sure that she could spend time with them.

From that point, she figured she could actually stay at Walmart. She applied for a full time job at the Auto Care Center and within a year, she was able to change oil, rotate and balance tires and change batteries.

(On a side note, maybe I should get a job at Walmart’s Auto Care Center.)

She set a new goal: assistant manager.

When I was an hourly associate and looking at the assistant managers, I thought: if I can make it to that one day, I will have made it with the company.

Amanda Whitehurst, Store Manager

After five years after being hired as a part time cashier, she finally got an assistant manager position.

And after a few more years, she was promoted to store manager.

Now, even her son, Justin, is working at Walmart as an overnight maintenance supervisor. The reason he wanted to work at Walmart: “I watched this company see my mom through a time where she struggled to raise us, and I’ve seen what it has done for her. I would be silly to not want to work for a company like that. “

Amanda’s next goal: regional manager.

Good luck, Amanda!

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