A Surprising Reason Why Men Get Hired Over Equally Qualified Women

Why do major corporations like HP have a disproportionate amount of men in management?  Is there a massive sexist conspiracy to hire only men for well-paying jobs? According to an internal report, there’s definitely not!

According to the Hewlett-Packard internal report, women (on average) applied less for top positions, because they doubted their ability to meet the qualifications.  It’s a self-inflicted wound!  Men, on the other hand, tended to overestimate their ability to meet the qualifications.  On average, men are willing to apply if they meet only 60% of the qualifications listed. 

The report highlights an interesting trend.  Men were satisfied meeting just over half of the requirements, and were willing to take the chance (and get rejected).  As a whole, women appeared less willing to risk it if they didn’t possess 100% of the necessary skills to qualify for the job.  One can speculate as to why that is, but the trend is worth noting.   

Even if men were more likely to get the job, employers should take heed.  Statistically speaking, the women who DID end up applying were likely 40% MORE qualified than the men.  Either way, women should try to apply anyway!  If men (on average) are 60% qualified, take the leap.  You may just land the job, but you’ll never know if you don’t apply.  Getting let down is rough, but great reward never comes without great risk.

Source: (Forbes)

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