5 Interview Failures (and How to Avoid Them)

Job interviews can tank as quickly as they started.  Let’s face reality: Most hiring managers don’t need to be ‘wow’d’ initially.  If you qualify and make a good impression, you’ll probably make the initial cut.  Countless good prospective employees bust the interview with vain attempts to ‘stand out’ and make an impression.  Don’t go overboard and make these interview-ending mistakes. 1 – Inappropriate Attire. This is a big one.  Showing up underdressed (or overdressed) can make you stick out in all the wrong ways.  Luckily, there’s a simple solution, but it requires a bit of reconnaissance.  First, do a little Continue Reading

Land Your Dream Job With These 5 Tips

Though this may seem a little self-explanatory, it’s vital to understand these tips to avoid getting lost in a sea of resumes. Seriously, don’t skip out on this.  It could mean the difference between a callback and a trip back to the classifieds. Research your prospective employer. This should be obvious.  It’s so important to know the company, and what it stands for.  Interviewers ask a variety of questions to see how much you know about the company.  These aren’t trick questions for candidates who do their research.  Hit it out of the park and show them you care by Continue Reading

Four Seasonal Job Tips

The holidays are on their way!  If you work seasonally, now’s the best time to get cooking on those applications.  Here’s a few tips to kick off the season right. First come, first serve. It’s never too early to start searching.  Get your ducks in a row early, and start applying.  Employers like organizing their schedules ahead of time to reduce problems.  Show up fast and grab the best spot you can—before someone else does. Put yourself out there. Sell yourself, market your presence.  More than 75 percent of employers agree; it’s impressive when a candidate follows up after an Continue Reading

How to (Finally) Get that Raise You Deserve

Think it’s time for a raise?  Your boss probably isn’t going to pay you more if you don’t ask. Few good things happen without cause. If you master these skills, you’ll be able to pitch with confidence and get the salary you deserve. Focus on the previous six months Formulate a list of your ten biggest accomplishments of the period, and how it benefitted the company.   Be sure to highlight any occasions when you exceeded your manager’s expectations. Bosses have a lot on their plate, so it doesn’t hurt to remind them of your well-doing.  Help your boss understand why you Continue Reading

You Can Make a Living…From Drinking Beer

Men and beer have enjoyed each other’s presence for millennia.  Men have historically dominated the world of beer, and women rarely partook in the culture to the same extent. Oddly enough, although men consume 72.8% of the world’s beer, women are actually better beer tasters.  Studies prove it, and we’ll show you why. According to SABMiller, owner of Miller and Coors brands, women have a better sense for key flavor chemicals. “Females,” they say, “[are often] more sensitive about the levels of flavor,” says Barry Axcell, Chief Brewer for SABMiller. Axcell believes that women are better tasters than men.  Currently, Continue Reading

Working Hungover? It’s Not the End of the World…

According to lemon soda company Blowfish, over half of all Americans have showed up to work hungover.  Hopefully that makes you feel a little bit better—you’re not alone.  That’s not to say you should dawn those sunglasses and pop ibuprofen with pride, but it’s probably not the worst thing you could do. Back to the numbers.  It’s safe to assume the majority of that 50% were men, hungover from a bender out with the boys, right?  Actually, not quite.  Gender was hardly a factor, in fact, 52% of admittedly hungover respondents were women, compared to 50% of men.  Don’t speculate Continue Reading

You Don’t Need the Ivy League. Here’s 15 Fantastic Colleges You Can Attend Instead

You don’t need to go to an Ivy League school to get a great education.  Millions of Americans have built lucrative and satisfying professional careers without going to an Ivy League school, and you can too. Take a look at 15 of the best colleges that you can actually attend.  Colleges ordered ranked by national ranking, and all have an acceptance rate of at least 50%.  Check out Money Magazine for a full run down. SCHOOL LOCATION OVERALL RANK NET PRICE OF A DEGREE ACCEPTANCE RATE 1. Principia College Elsah, Ill. 32 $65,520 87% 2. University of Washington-Bothell Bothell, Wash. 37 125,690 74% Continue Reading

Suck Less at Networking! It’s Easy

Networking is a vital part of a great business strategy.  Knowing the right people can open doors for your career, but it’s not all ties and business cards.  There’s a lot more required to successfully network with business professionals.  Read on, and find out more. Figure Out the Power Dynamic The individuals in charge are very busy.  While it may be easy to score a coffee with coworkers, it’s not always a piece of cake with the higher-ups.  When you encounter these people, you need to understand how to properly approach them and get your name out there.  They probably Continue Reading

How to Search for Jobs like a Pro

You don’t have to struggle in the job market.  We know it’s competitive, but there are many proven strategies that experts recommend to win at this game.  Anybody can be successful in the job market if they have the right strategies.  1 – Stand Out from the Crowd Don’t ignore this often overused piece of advice—it’s really important here.  Companies are swamped with resumes, and you need to be different to stand out.  Be creative, and adjust based on the company you’re applying to.  Don’t recycle resumes, they can tell.  It makes you look like you don’t care, so write Continue Reading

How to Land a Part in a Major Movie

Get paid to stand—out of focus—in front of Jennifer Lawrence. Do you want to work with A-list actors and actresses, get paid, all without any prior acting experience?  You sure can, as a movie extra!  Think about it: Chances are, all you have to do is, well, what you normally do.  Every day.  Movies reflect the world, and the world has lots of people in it.  Most of the time, directors need to cast huge numbers of ordinary people to just act ordinary (in the particular context of the movie, of course).  Things like walking, driving, eating, or just sitting Continue Reading

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