How to Search for Jobs like a Pro

You don’t have to struggle in the job market.  We know it’s competitive, but there are many proven strategies that experts recommend to win at this game.  Anybody can be successful in the job market if they have the right strategies. 

1 – Stand Out from the Crowd

Don’t ignore this often overused piece of advice—it’s really important here.  Companies are swamped with resumes, and you need to be different to stand out.  Be creative, and adjust based on the company you’re applying to.  Don’t recycle resumes, they can tell.  It makes you look like you don’t care, so write a unique (or at least altered) resume for each company and position you apply for.

2 – Don’t Reject an Offer for a Different Position

Don’t box yourself in to one position.  If you want to work for a specific company, take what they have to offer, as long as it meets most of your needs and qualifications.  It’s a lot easier to transfer from within a company than to start from scratch.  Or worse—reject an offer from that company.

3 – Clean Up Your Web Presence

Social media is public, and so are online forums.  Go through your social media account history, and make sure it’s clean.  What I mean is this: Make sure everything you post (or keep) is something you want your boss to see.  Photos of that college boozer?  Probably not the best way to make a good first impression.  Employers often DO check, so make sure you look alright.

4 – Show Up Prepared and Ready to Go

Don’t get blind-sided at the interview. Every interview is important, and they’re watching and listening to everything you do. Dress the part, clean yourself up; how you present yourself matters a lot.  Practice with sample questions and learn about the company, so you’re naturally prepared to answer anything—and not sound like you’re reading from a script.

5 – Leverage Social Media.

Don’t forget about Linkedin.  After you’re done cleaning up your social media accounts, try and use them to reenforce your professional skills and portfolio. Upload photos of past achievements, and be sure to highlight your special skills; especially skills that an employer would find valuable.

6 – Network Using Friends and Peers

People know people, who know your friends and peers.  Networking with professionals is always important, but your next big break could be right next door.  Let everyone know your skills, and that you’re looking for work.  A friend or neighbor may just have an uncle who needs someone just like you.  A few good words from a friend can go a long way—it’s especially important in positions like this to do your best.

7 – Know Your Strengths (and Limitations)

Strive for greatness, but also set realistic goals.  It’s vital to sell yourself, but never sell yourself beyond what you can deliver.  Embellishing on your capabilities can harm your reputation, and end up costing you the job which you worked so hard to get.  If you’re great at something, let them know what you can do.  If not, don’t make things up or set unrealistic expectations.  When you’re called on to deliver, make sure you can deliver to the extent that you claimed (or beyond).

Job searching can be exhausting, and nobody gets a free ride—improve your chances of landing your next great job by utilizing these seven vital tips.

Source: (Mashable)

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