Rocky Mountain High: Jobs in the New Marijuana Economy

All those years of pot growing in your basement may not be a waste of time.  As demand for legal marijuana grows, legal growing jobs do too.  How would you like to legally grow pot for a living?  It’s not that far fetched anymore—this budding new economy has lots of jobs to offer, and lots of them pay very well.  Some people have made millions!

So what kinds of new high-paying jobs are out there?

The Grower:

Gardening has never been cooler than this. The grower plants and maintains marijuana outdoors or in a greenhouse.  In addition to that, the grower is also responsible for the health (and quality) of the plants.  Don’t forget to keep good records of the operation, as states require close monitoring of quantity.  Growers have the potential to make a lot of money, too. How much, you ask? Think six-figures, sometimes more than a hundred and fifty thousand dollars! The Grower is also in charge of maximizing yield efficiency. The key is not necessarily to grow the biggest plants; quality is always above quantity in a legitimate grow-operation.  Great yield can be achieved during the early planting process, by weaving the plants (and properly spacing them) using braces, to ensure each plant has access to enough light, water and nutrients. Learn more about the life of a grower here.

The Trimmer:

This position, while potentially lucrative, may not be as easy as it sounds.  Trimmers often sit on the floor, hunched over trimming buds for nine hours a day.  But if you have a knack for careful work, and know where to cut the bud, your salary can be pretty amazing: upwards of $175 for each pound, which is about $20 per hour on average. Trimming is an art; not just cutting and snipping.  Different varieties of the plant require different techniques. Professional trimmers take pride in their work, and it looks great, too!  Witness the operation here.

The Baker:

Do you love weed, and also love to bake?  This could be the job for you.  From cookies to cupcakes, gummies to macaroons—if it can be baked, it can be baked with weed in it.  Believe it or not, just 50 pounds of weed and a week or two of work can produce over 20,000 delicious treats. When you get down to it, working in a weed bakery isn’t much different than a traditional bakery. There’s just an extra special ingredient involved.  Salaries usually range between $28,000 to $40,000, and hourly wage averages out around $11 to start. All you’re doing is baking with a little added THC. For many weed bakers, the real excitement comes from handling a 50-pound sack of weed—with the blessing of the law.

The top paying positions in this field usually require lots of experience, but they’ll be in high demand in the future.  Especially in states that recently legalized marijuana, where the demand will (initially) greatly outstrip the supply. See more about the baker here.

Source: (Vocativ)

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