Unhappy At Work? You Could Get Paid to Quit!

If you hate your job but can’t afford to quit, this article is for you.  Believe it or not, some companies actually pay people to quit their jobs!  This may sound illogical, but hear me out.  There’s a real reason for this, and you could benefit from it too.

When employees are unhappy at work, everybody suffers.  Managers know this; as a result, some prudent managers are taking a proactive step to reduce this issue.  Speaking in terms of environment, a workplace functions best when everybody (or, most everybody) is happy to be there.  Managers are cleaning-house of everybody who may not want to work there, but haven’t done anything worth firing.  It keeps workers happy, and sends them off with positive feelings about the company.

One such company is Riot Games, who pays unhappy workers up to 10% of their current salary (sometimes upwards of $20,000) to leave!  You don’t have to be a senior employee, either.  If you were hired, you can quit and get paid.  Other companies, such as Zappos and Amazon, employ similar strategies.  They offer between $2,000 and $5,000 to employees seeking to leave. 

This sounds amazing, especially if you’re an unhappy and cash-strapped employee.  Surprisingly, few employees actually take these companies up on the deal.  Many choose to stick around, because 10% of their salary is still less than a year’s pay.  Job security matters too, but it’s good to know this option exists.

This is truly a win-win strategy for companies and employees.  Unhappy workers get to leave, and look for a job without worrying about starving.  Companies are left with only the employees motivated enough to make a difference.  What could be better?

This is a new and innovative strategy.  It makes you wonder-if your company is progressive enough to pay you to quit, why not stick around?  It may be worth it in the long run; holistic companies can be a great place to work.  If not, thats OK too.  You know better than anyone else if you fit, so use your judgment and consider this option if you need to leave.

Source: (The Week)

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