10 jobs if you don’t like people and only have a High School diploma

I get it. Sometimes I wish I had a job where I could just put my headphones and work and not have to talk to anyone. If you’re an introvert and wish you could do that every day, here’s a list of 10 possible jobs for you.


Receiving and processing incoming stock and materials, filling and picking orders from inventory, packing and shipping orders or managing and organizing stock in the warehouse. Depending on your actual job in the warehouse, if you get lucky, you might be able to go hours without talking to another living soul.

Night Stocker

You’ll be responsible for keeping the place stocked and organized for the next day. You’ll have to keep inventory and ensure that all items on the shelves are stocked properly and most important, they are in the right location.

As long as you know where everything should go, your manager will leave you alone and you can just put your headphone and stock away.


How about watching a bunch of TV shows and going over a bunch of checkboxes to figure what classification that TV show should have? Nuff’ said. If I find me one of those jobs, I’ll quit in style.


As a custodian, you’ll be responsible for keeping buildings clean and in an orderly condition. You won’t have to talk to a lot of people.

For extra bonus, get a night shift.


Obviously, you’ll need to do some driving. But imagine just you and the road for hours and hours.

Plant Nursery Jobs

There are a couple of possible jobs in a nursery. Get one where you don’t have to talk to customers.

Just hang out with plants. For extra bonus, if you’re feeling like sharing a secret, but don’t really want to talk to people, just chat with your plants.

Garbage Collector

Decent pay, great benefits and very little human contact. Downside is that you’ll spend extra money in deodorants.

Funeral Home Jobs

Like the plant nursery jobs, get a job that doesn’t require you to talk to customers, like pall bearers or embalmers. Chances are, the “customers” won’t be in a very chatty mode anyways.

Data Entry

Yes, I know… We’re losing our jobs to robots and automation, but data entry jobs are still out there. Whether entering data in Excel or some old system, they’re still out there.


Will have to wake up quite early but you won’t have to deal with customers, and there are plenty of opportunities, like working at grocery stores, hotels or cruise ships.

For extra bonus, make extra income by selling cupcakes to your neighbors.

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