Things you should know before applying for an Uber or Lyft Job

Chances are, if you are looking for a job, you ran into one of their ads. Their job ads are everywhere. They NEED you. It can be a great job if you’re currently in between jobs, or if you want to make a few extra bucks after your regular shift.

As with any other customer-facing job, as a driver, you’ll meet all sorts of passengers, good and bad. Here are a few things that you should consider if you’re looking into applying for an Uber or Lyft job.

Passengers eating in the car

The main complaint from drivers was passengers eating in their cars. Not only there’s the issue of food in your car, which is actually your work place, but the smell as well. I love me some KFC, but I don’t really want that smell in my car.

You also don’t know how your next passenger will feel about that smell.


This isn’t something specific to drivers. You could be a cashier at Target, a salesperson at GAP, or a waitress at Dennys. You will run into rude people. Drivers complaint that some customers get in the car without saying Hello, don’t even acknowledge the driver and start barking orders.

Door slamming

When my kids slam my car door, I want nothing more than to give them a good smack in the head tell them how rude that is. Imagine customers doing that to your car over and over.


I like kids. I like Chinese kids the most. Simply because they’re very far from me.

Passengers will sometimes bring kids with them. That’s OK, as long as they’re not trying to argue who the best Pokemon is. However, some parents order rides for their kids. That’s against Lyft and Uber’s policies and the driver can get into serious trouble.

Also, for some reason, some parents expect drivers to have car seats. If you don’t have one in your car, you should probably just cancel the ride and drive away to avoid any risks of a lawsuit.

Unwanted Flirting

This was a major complaint with female drivers. Some had their breasts fondled and even had their lives threatened. If you’re a woman, you might want to drive only during daylight.

Late passengers

The passenger requests the ride. You show up. No passenger to be found. You wait. Still, no passenger to be found. You wait more. Still, no passenger to be found.




Not necessarily in that order.


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