Robots will NOT take this job from you

We all heard it: Robots will take your jobs!

It is true that a lot of jobs are being lost to automation. We hear that factories are replacing assembly lines with robots. Truck drivers will be replaced by robots. Even doctors will eventually be replaced by doctors.

I was recently in Seattle and came across an Amazon Go Store. The store doesn’t employ cashiers and employs robots, instead. I was furious, but decided to go in and check it out anyways.

You use an app to gain access and go about your shopping business as usual. You can pick up items from their shelves, you can change your mind and put it back. After you’re done with your shopping, you simply walk out of the store. The concept was kinda wild.

I didn’t really see any cashier, but what I saw, in that relatively small store, was 3 people stocking their shelves. While cashiers can be replaced by their cameras and invisible robots, at least for now, stocking position jobs are safe.

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