7 Ways To Make Money While You’re Asleep

Tons of people are miserable at work every day just to make enough money to cover the necessities. It’s harder to enjoy your job when you don’t feel the motivation that you get when doing something you’re passionate about. What’s a new way you can get paid without all that hard work? Sleeping!

1.Mystery Shopper

A mystery shopper is someone who poses as a customer to test out the hotel. Your job is to check quality of service, customer relations, comfort and anything else other clients might be interested in. 

Occasionally, to get the real experience, you might have to spend some cash. But the company may reimburse you for all or a portion of your expenses, depending on what you agreed to. 

Following your stay, you will give the hotel a detailed and honest review regarding your stay. The hotel will utilize this information to improve their services. 

According to ZipRecruiter, Average pay of a hotel mystery shopper is around $21 per hour in the U.S. Altogether, you get to enjoy a five-star hotel experience without spending any money out of your own pockets!

2. Sleep Junkie 

How would you like a substantial to work as a mattress tester? Sleep Junkie is the company for you. An article on Sleep Junkie’s website https://www.sleepjunkie.com stated, Sleep Junkie would pay the tester of their choice $3,000 for their efforts to test three different mattresses over a two-month span. The article also stated the tester would be gifted a free mattress up to $1500, that they would be able keep at the end.

That’s not the only thin Sleep Junkie does. They also handle pillow, blankets, and bedsheets, so you can get the highest quality of sleep for your buck. 

3. Pet Sitter

One way to get paid while in the comfort of your own home is becoming an overnight pet sitter. People are always going out of town or just facing everyday situations where they can’t bring their pet’s. That’s where you would help!

With Rover.com you can create an account as an overnight pet caregiver. Depending on how long that person is out of town, they will pay you for a single night or a multiple night stay. Normal pay is about $25 to $30 per night per pet. You can earn quite a bit of money since some have multiple pets.

4. Hotel Blogger

The most common way to book a hotel is online and when have you ever booked a hotel without looking at reviews? Many people look at online reviews before committing to a hotel. That’s why this job is expanding fast.  Start a blog about different stays featuring hotels at a standard fee Some hotels even accommodate you for free or give you future vouchers!

5. Sleep Executive

As a sleep executive, you determine how affective different curtains, shutters and blinds are. Plenty of interior designers are on the hunt for sleep executive and will pay anywhere from $140 per day to $33,500 pro rata.

They test various sleeping conditions, like more light and less light, to then note how efficient the curtains are and how your overall sleep was effected.

6. Line sitter

Are you someone who can fall asleep anywhere? If so, line sitting might be the option for you. A Line sitting job involves waiting in lines overnight for people who don’t have time to or just would rather not do it.

Smartphone and game launches are prime examples of items people want to have in their hand before anyone else. This is something you might be waiting in line for and with technology on the rise, this job isn’t going anywhere.


According to Eachnight themselves, they are a company who is obsessed with sleep. On Eachnight’s website https://eachnight.com/sleep-studies/get-paid-to-nap/, you can find guides to mattresses, bedding and sleeping that are suitable to you. Sometimes they even have openings to test various products to assist in research. 

Your job at Eachnight would be to evaluate the pros and cons of napping. Simply record your napping reviews in the questionnaire they provide for you. 

How much would you get paid? The napper salary varies, however, recently they had an opportunity on their website where a napper would be paid $1,500 to review for 30 days.

Getting paid to sleep sounds unrealistic but now you know it is a very simple way to get some extra cash!

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