Do You Hate Your Job?

You have probably heard about the Great Resignation. That’s the trend that started in 2021 where employees were voluntarily quitting their jobs.
Several news outlets attributed that to COVID stress at their workplace. The most common narrative out there was that the Great Resignation was a reflection that Americans were already unsatisfied with their jobs and that COVID made them really hate their job. Maybe they just hated their management?

This job sucks

However, this article from the Atlantic, says that it’s all baloney, and that these stories are all wrong!?!

It points that this research, from the Conference Board, reported that job satisfaction was actually the highest since 1995.

The Atlantic claims that the Great Resignation wasn’t caused by a change in worker’s satisfaction, but because there were better opportunities out there.

I think those job satisfactions surveys don’t tell the whole story. It’s easy to be satisfied with your job when you have benefits, when your manager isn’t a buffoon, when you have the option of working from home, and when you don’t have to deal with entitled customers.

But I’d like to hear more from you. If you have just quit or are thinking of quitting your current job, why is that? Do you hate your job or are you just looking for a better opportunity?

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