Is Donating Sperm a Good Source of Income?

How many times have you seen ads offering hundreds of dollars for a sperm donation, when it only takes 10 minutes? A normal person would instantly assume it’s a scam because why would anyone want to pay you for jerking off. But, it’s hard not to be curious when you’re constantly seeing various ads circling the internet.

We’re here to tell you it’s a real job and anyone can do it. John Carpantier is 30 years old and an ex sperm donor from Northern California and one out of a handful of men to build a career out of becoming a donor. Some might consider Carpantier a genius considering he’s doing something men do every morning; however, he’s getting paid $1000 a month to do so. A thousand dollars might not seem like a lot to some, but John was living rent free at the time and only having to donate twice a week.  According to Carpentier, it is fairly easy to become a donator. After a lengthy application process and a few awkward phone calls to relatives down the line to make sure he was free of any bad medical history, he was squared away.

When John realized he wanted to consider becoming a donor, he was attending community college while working part time in a local coffee shop. He was not making tons of money, so he was always looking for different openings he could squeeze into. Carpentier shared all the ads that would come across saying, “Donate your sperm today and make up to $10,000.”, at first, he was hesitant but figured what’s the worst that can come out of it besides a “no”.

John described the application as a lengthy process because they needed every little detail on family history, including death and health issues. He contacted family members and the only health issues was his uncle who had beaten cancer.

As far as money and time goes, Carpentier relays that you must visit two times a week, however, you could not have any sexual activity for at least two days prior. This is because they needed to make sure the count of your sperm was enough, which weighs in during the application process. He then made $100 per session, totaling aroung $1000 a month. Allowing John to live off sperm donation for about a year.

Carpentier was always questioned about his sex life and how it worked while having such a unique job. John had already experienced issues in his sex life without even considering being donor. He states he had a lower libido than most men causing a strain in their relationship even after they broke up.

How do taxes work with sperm donation? Well, if you’ve earned more $600, it is a 1099, simple as that. John states he would consider doing it again because it is easy and not necessarily a bad experience. But it is not enough to make a career out of because they don’t have tones of different programs life that and after your year contract you and that program part ways.

John says he would recommend this job because it was a good thing for him. If his sperm ends up being a kid, when they are 18, they have the option to call him. The overall experience makes a fun story to tell and may result in some interesting phone calls in the future.

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