Ease the Interview Nerves

Interviews don’t have to be as scary as everyone makes them out to be. Here’s a list of 5 tips to help ease the nerves and have a great interview.

Take a breath. It’s okay to be nervous for an interview.

It’s more common than you may think.

Nerves are something everyone experiences and shows that you’re human, so embrace them. And that’s what your interviewer is looking for, a human.

  • Be yourself

Don’t forget an interview is just a conversation so it’s no different than when you’re socializing at an event and someone you’ve never met asks you what your hobbies are.

There’s no need to start using some crazy vocabulary, just be yourself.  Talk how you would normally talk: Meaning speaking at the same speed you always do, breathing the way you always do and show whatever enthusiasm you may have towards a topic.

Be real, personable and focus on you. And never forget to smile!

  • Bring your A-game

Get yourself in a good place prior to your interview. If you’re mentally and physically ready, you won’t be nervous. Be sure you’re hydrated and bring a water in case your mouth gets dry. But don’t drink to much because you don’t want to flea in the middle of the interview because you can’t hold it anymore. Also, eat something light, you don’t want the interruption of a growling stomach or feeling uneasy. Stay away from foods that may spill on you or give you a weird scent. Oh, and don’t consume too much caffeine, this will help you stay calm.

How you dress plays a huge part in how you feel and how they might feel about you. Wear something comfortable that fits the part and matches the workplace. If you are unsure of whether you are dressed nice enough, always err on the “professional” side.

  • Study

It’s not like job interviews jump out at you from nowhere, you usually have plenty of time before your interview to get in the right place.

Research the company. The more you know the more confident you will feel. Not only what they do, but deeper like culture and values. How long have they been in business? What causes do they contribute to? Research the person that is interviewing you, but don’t share to many details because then you’re just going to scare them.

  • Be prepared with some ice breakers

Once you begin and start getting more comfortable, they will start to come naturally. We all know the first few minutes of any conversation can be a little awkward.

Keep some conversation starters in the back of your head to use for those awkward moments. Maybe the watch they’re wearing is the same one your dad has? Or the way they look reminds you of a celebrity? (Skip that one if you’re unsure if it’s a compliment). Just look around the scene for things to relate to or talk about. Overall, this will help obtain a good rapport.

  •  Cheat sheet

Before your interview, write down some notes on the things you might want to remember or chat about. Like the interviews name or what you may want to ask them. Also, jot down the top three things you would like the interviewer to know about you. Do you have experience managing? Have you worked with industrial equipment? Your serene aura when chaos is happening around you? Don’t leave until you have shared those three traits and be sure to share example of when you might have used them.

If you’ve been interviewed before, you know they always ask you if you have any questions to ask them. Be prepared to engage and ask them something to show your interest. Include these questions on your cheat sheet, along with what you believe they may ask you. When in doubt you can never go wrong with, “What does an average day working in this position look like?”

Now you’re ready

Now you have it. Not some crazy list of high expectations or things you never knew. Just the major tips on staying calm and what to expect when going into an interview.

We know you’ll do great.

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