10 of the Most Unusual Jobs

Here’s a list of 10 of the strangest jobs you would have never thought existed. Prepare yourself, they are weird.
There are strange jobs being performed all over the globe. While some maintain a staff keeping people employed, a lot of them are just helping folks making some extra cash.
Paranormal guide
Possible Revenue: $40 per hour
Surprisingly, Europe and the United States have job for paranormal guides all over. It’s fairly simple to become a guide. You attend a course that lasts about four to six weeks and then you’re a guide. After that, you can begin leading tours through whatever haunted buildings you might find. You potentially earn $30-$40 an hour for exploring the paranormal.
Milking snakes
Possible Revenue: $5,000 per month
There is a good market for snake milking jobs whether it’s for Pharmaceuticals, research, zoos. You might be wondering why they would milk snakes. It’s because people bites in Africa and Indie die from poisonous snake, so we use the venom from milking to creat anti-venom. You can make anywhere from $2,000-$5,000 a month doing this.
Using rodents to detect landmines
Possible Revenue: $10 per day
Tons of landmines planted in the jungles of Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam War and there are still some hiding underground. Large African rats are known for their remarkable sense of smell, so Cambodia imports them to sniff out TNT. As a reward the rat gets to eat an amazing meal and the handler will get $10 per day.
Tester for dog food
Possible revenue: $40,000 every year
There are about 90 million pet dogs in America. Considering dogs cannot communicate with us, we have no idea how they feel about certain foods and if they are good or not. That’s where dog testers come in. Dog testers works with dog food and treats to ensure they are good quality and taste delicious.
Feng Shui consultant
Possible revenue: $1,000 for every consultant
To maintain wellness, beauty and health, the right flow of energy must happen, And that is exactly what the Chinese art focuses on. People use Feng Shui professionals to set up their home. The consultant will give their opinions of color, lights, and direction of energy flow. Per consult you can make anywhere from $500 – $1000.
Odor sniffer
Possible revenue: $25 an hour
The fragrance industry is huge. You might think of it as just perfume but there’s also cosmetics, deodorants and much more. The industry employs odor sniffers to determine what smell good and bad and how long the scents will last. Someone working as an odor sniffer can make $20-$25 per hour.
Professional snuggler
Possible revenue: $40 per hour
So many people feel depressed, lonely, or have suffered from past traumatic events, and all they want is someone to comfort them. Good ethics and empathy make the best professional cuddlers, if you can do that then the job is simple. Cuddlers post their business on the web and make anywhere from $20 – $40 an hour.
Iceberg mover
Possible revenue:  $20,000 per year
An ice mover finds icebergs and provides the saftest route around them. Sometimes they even move the iceberg out of that location. This job stemmed from the Titanic catastrophe in 1911 and has stopped more tragedies from happening. They make about $20,000 per year.
Professional mermaid
Possible revenue: $300 an hour
Just when you thought mermaids weren’t real, you’re wrong! You can become a licensed mermaid that attends parties and shares the secrets to swimming like a mermaid. They can make around $300 per hour.
 Soap Boiler
Possible revenue: $20 per hour
A soap boiler is not something you hear very often, so what is it? This is a person who turns fat into nice soap which is then used In Bars and powders. As a soap boiler you can make up to $20 an hour.
All of these are good options to get some extra cash this summer. Despite the weirdness, all of these options seem simple and different.
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