How to Nail Your Interview

Following 2020, many started to focus more on how their job was making them feel. This is what led us into the “Great resignation” that happened in 2021, along with people not accepting a job unless they think it’s the perfect fit for them.

Once you’ve found the job you might think is the one for you, the process is not over yet. Along with applying comes an interview. Keep reading to discover five ways on how to nail a job interview.

Know the Job Description

Some descriptions you find will be long, boring and way to in depth that your eyes just scan right over it. This can happen even if your excited about a job. However, you will have to get over the bore of it and just read because that the first thing you’ll need to study to land that position.

You should utilize the job description to add key words on resume. This will also help you say the right things throughout the interview.

You can also benefit off the job description if you are lacking some skills. In the description you will find not only the necessary skills but what you will be using them for. Knowing this, you can start learning them ahead of time making you a better candidate.

Research Who Your Interviewer Will Be

It’s very easy to find a person on the internet, so utilize that advantage. We are not encouraging you to go stalking someone’s private Facebook, but if they have a public Instagram or a LinkedIn, use that to better know them and find ways to connect with them.

Try Not to Fidget

The biggest giveaway of being nervous is shown through body language. Whether it’s playing with your hair or picking your nails, these are obvious signs that you aren’t comfortable.

Do your best to calm down and stop these nervous behaviors and if you can’t, try to figure out a nervous tick you can hide such as jiggling your knee under the table where they can’t see.

If you are unaware of what habits you have, an interviewing coach might be a great idea to help focus on what you can improve on.

Do Company Research

Another tactic to be more prepared is looking into the company. It’s important to know what you’re getting self into, but also your knowledge on the company will make you look better.

Form a single question about the company, which finally leads us to…

Make Sure You Ask Three Questions

If you’ve ever been to an interview before, you’ll know that the interviewer normally ends it asking, “Do you have any questions for me?” this will be your time to shine and prove how prepared you came.

The best wait to go is asking a question about their personal relationship with the company, one question regarding something said in the interview, and then one question about the company overall.

People love talking about themselves, so asking them something about themselves will get them excited and leave them feeling warm and fuzzy inside when you’re leaving.

Nail That Interview

Not preparing yourself is the biggest mistake you can make. An hour is the recommended time to spend getting ready for an interview.

Hopefully this guide was beneficial to you and gave you some tips to nail that interview! Visit “Following Up on an Application” for advice on how to make sure your application is noticed.

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