How to Up Your Chances in Scoring an Interview

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a first position in your career or if you’re just trying to upgrade, finding a job is never a walk in the park. Of course, we have a strong economy with employers hiring, but every job gets approximately 250 resumes and on average only about 4 to 6 people get called in for an interview. Be ready for this process to last several weeks and require your attention daily.

Sending in a flurry of resumes will not increase your chances of getting the job. Prior to applying for any job, you should do your research and change your resume to better fit that position. This will help show you’re the best fit for this job.

Getting a great job isn’t easy but if you work smarter and not harder, it will increase your chances. Every employer will look for experience when going through the various candidates they have, so you will want to have some know-how in your resume.

Here are some techniques to help you increase your chances in job hunting:

Search on the best sites

It’s easier to filter out different job listings if you are searching on a website specially related to your industry or work level. Doing this can save you tons of time. WayUp and Craiglist are great sources for recent grads, while CareerBuilder and SimplyHired are great for career changes. Either way if you make it your priority to personalize your job hunt to you, it will make the search much easier.

Investigate company culture

Be sure the culture of the company you are applying to suits you and your beliefs. A job offer should always be a win-win situation. The company’s website is just the smallest amount of research you can do when studying a potential employer. Sites like Glassdoor or Indeed actually offers reviews about the company’s culture made by current employees and previous employees. Yelp is also a great resource because you can use it gage how the public view that company.

Keep online presence to a minimum

Often times, an employer will do an online search of their top candidates so be sure your online presence is appropriate. Meaning, make sure you have spotless social media profiles. Set up a google alert that will tell you anytime your name appears in google search results.

Use keywords relating to the job

Brainstorm and find the keywords an employer may be looking when reading a candidates resume. Do research on the most used terms when describing the position in your industry. Add these terms to not only your resume but your Twitter and LinkedIn or any other professional materials you use.

Perfect your LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is exactly like a resume, but online, so you want to gear it towards the hiring managers and what they would want to see. You want to start with a strong first paragraph which will be your first pitch. Make sure this paragraph shows your skills and the strengths you have that can add to your industry. It is important you don’t state you need a new job or currently unemployed. It is also smart to start building connections within your industry by following the target companies and engaging in their posts.

Utilize your networks to their fullest

Scan the websites of companies you are interested in search of professional associations or any mutual that might help you get in contact. If you make a new connection, send over an email to keep in touch. If none of your targeted companies are hiring, ask for a 15-20 informational meeting from one your connections. Establishing a connection could be what gets you the job in the future!

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