Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

In the past few years, most likely due to COVID-19, there has been an overwhelming amount of people who have shown interest in working from home. Surprisingly this isn’t just from the employees, but the employers as well because they are realizing there are great benefits to creating positions that give employees the opportunity to work offsite. According to UpWork and one of their recent studies, 73% of departments will have remote employees by the year 2028.

Both employees and employers are beginning to realize it’s not necessarily needed for them to be in the same time zone or even the same location. This is great for caregivers, people with disabilities and illnesses, parents or even someone who’s just looking to be more flexible in their day to day.  

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, you’re in luck because there’s already a ton of jobs readily available that all require different skills. Many of these positions pay salaries that are comparable to a full-time role at an on-site job. Here are some roles to consider:

Website Tester

As a website tester, you evaluate various sites and/or applications usability and quality. They do this not only on desktops but on laptops and mobile devices as well. Testers complete a small list of tasks on a specific website or app and share feedback on how smoothly the process went, including how clear it was to navigate through and use. The hourly rate for this type of position is usually around $25.

Virtual Assistant

This position is a never-ending list of tasks, anywhere from appointment scheduling to conducting research. There are also different focus areas within this position, whether that be strictly focusing on scheduling and formulating a calendar or copywriting and managing social media.  On average, these positions pay around $15 an hour, but with more skills in writing and editing, social media, and public relations, pay for some candidates goes up $20 per hour.

Online Therapist

An online therapist is exactly like in person therapist, only it’s virtual. They use platforms to communicate like phone calls, texting, or video chatting. There is an upfront investment because you will need a master’s degree in social work or psychology. Once you do have one of those, the demand for this position is high. Online therapists make anywhere from $18 to $40 per hour.

Survey Taker

There are various companies that will pay you to play games, watch movies, or try a specific product and then take a survey on it, giving them your honest opinion. Pay for this position ranges from $1 to $20 per survey.


Captioners listen to pre-recorded videos and audio, so the main skill needed for this job is being able to type quickly and accurately. Captioning live television programs is another option, people who do this usually have stenotype machine obtaining a phonetic keyboard along with software to be sure of accuracy. On average, captioners earn about $14 per hour.

Tips on Landing a Work-From-Home-Job

There is a substantial amount of people that are hunting for jobs with flexible hours, this means the application process is getting competitive. To land a job that allows you to work from home apply quickly, share the skills you must work from home, and be sure to find legitimate websites that way you’re avoiding scams.

In the end, there are more jobs than you know that give you the opportunity to work online and have the flexible hours you’re looking for, you just need to put in the effort.

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