Jobs that are in Desperate Need of Employees

It’s been a long wait, but the time has come. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2021, the amount of job openings in the U.S. hit a record peak, making it the highest it’s been over the last two decades.

This means, you have various options of work! But there are still specific jobs that are higher in demand. Below we listed various roles that have a huge increase in demand, along with their percentage increase. Determine what jobs have better opportunities, benefits and more. Now is your time to call the shots, so do it!

Recruitment consultant – 332.12% increase

Companies are struggling to fill up their vacant seats, so it shouldn’t be a shocker that people in the recruiting and hiring industry are in high demand right now.

Project manager – 135.08% increase

The day in the life of a project manager is essentially focused on getting things, whatever that might be. There are so many organizations across various industries, from e-commerce all the way to construction, a lot of them need project managers to achieve their company goals.

Accountant – 128.04% increase

If you don’t know what accounts do, they are responsible for examining and preparing all financial records and often work for a big accounting firm with tons of clients, whether that be a corporation or startup, the government, and more.

Product manager – 100.33% increase

Not to be confused with a project manager, this role is so much different. As a product manager your job is typically based around helping companies build and launch brand new products and features. They work close with engineers along side other stakeholders. The product isn’t always something physical, sometimes it’s a piece of software or an app.

Data scientist – 116.32% increase

The amount of data organizations have been generating now adays is sometimes uncontrollable, so they are on the search for people who can assist them in organizing and making sense of it all. Natalie Morse, data scientist, shares that the people in these roles answer business questions and write code to model. The employment projection by BLS is estimated to grow 31% before 2030 and the average is about $104,000.

Medical administrative assistant – 131.74%

Like the role of a project manager, administrative assistants are necessary in not only every organization but every industry. Meaning, they have a large range of tasks from something as small as scheduling to something more in depth like research to help keep offices and teams on the right path. With all that’s going on, medical facilities have a lot of pressure on them and high resignation rate.

Full-stack developer – 141.39%

Software developers have been in demand for quite some time, with BLS stating jobs will grow 22% by 2030. During the pandemic the resignation rate of software developers was at an all-time high even surpassing the ones in healthcare.

Customer service associate – 285.65%

The professionals of customer service help establish a good relationship by customers buying and using products and services. They handle things like complaints and processing orders. The pandemic made it hard to pinpoint customers behaviors, so that’s where the customer service associates come in.

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