Four Seasonal Job Tips

The holidays are on their way!  If you work seasonally, now’s the best time to get cooking on those applications.  Here’s a few tips to kick off the season right.

  • First come, first serve.
    • It’s never too early to start searching.  Get your ducks in a row early, and start applying.  Employers like organizing their schedules ahead of time to reduce problems.  Show up fast and grab the best spot you can—before someone else does.
  • Put yourself out there.
    • Sell yourself, market your presence.  More than 75 percent of employers agree; it’s impressive when a candidate follows up after an interview. Don’t bug them too much; just remind them that you’re there and eager to get to work.  Don’t wait, it could make all the difference.
  • Be Jolly.
    • The holidays can be a stressful time for all of us.  Employers, too.  Nobody likes a downer on the job, so don’t be one.  Stay especially positive all the time (even if you’re not) and they’ll remember you as a pleasant (not negative) addition to the team.
  • Know what you’re getting into.
    • Seasonal jobs are temporary, but usually still require a level of skill.  Demonstrate your ability to perform (and quickly learn) the job, and maximize your chances of getting hired again and again.

Take these tips to heart, and land that seasonal gig today!

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