Land Your Dream Job With These 5 Tips

Though this may seem a little self-explanatory, it’s vital to understand these tips to avoid getting lost in a sea of resumes. Seriously, don’t skip out on this.  It could mean the difference between a callback and a trip back to the classifieds.

  • Research your prospective employer.
    This should be obvious.  It’s so important to know the company, and what it stands for.  Interviewers ask a variety of questions to see how much you know about the company.  These aren’t trick questions for candidates who do their research.  Hit it out of the park and show them you care by knowing their company.
  • Figure out where you’re actually going to work.
    Do not neglect this step.  Ask them and figure out where you’re going to be working.  You may apply and interview at one building, but be hired for an office that’s an hour away.
  • Make a great first impression.
    Be prepared before you walk in the door for the interview.  Print out a physical copy of your resume and cover letter.  Clean yourself up and look presentable.  Come equipped with plenty of practice interviews under your belt (enlist a friend or family member to help) and wow the judges.
  • Formulate Goals.
    Managers don’t want to breathe down your neck, and you don’t want to be micromanaged.  Show your employer that you’re self-motivated, and present yourself responsibly.  They’ll love it, show them how motivated you are without their intervention.
  • Have a Positive Attitude.
    When it comes down to you versus another, little things matter.  Nobody wants a downer on their team.  One bad attitude can obliterate company morale; don’t let that be you.  Smile, and convey how happy you are to be there.  It could really set you apart, and affect the team equally (in a good way).
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