Make a Living from the Couch—And Get Paid to Watch TV!

Hold on to your remote for this one—you can get paid to watch TV all day. You heard right!  Netflix hires specialized TV watchers called, ‘taggers’ to watch TV shows and movies from their catalog and ‘tag’ each program. Similar to tagging a blog, taggers choose from a massive thousand-word pool to choose words that best describe the show. The tags are used to help Netflix narrow down searches and personalize it’s users video suggestions. 

As you can imagine, landing a tagging job is no piece of cake.  The field is highly competitive, and only the most passionate TV and movie watchers will be selected.  It helps to have some previous experience working in the entertainment industry. The exact qualifications for this position vary, so you may just have what it takes to be a tagger.  It might be worth it to give it a shot and apply anyway.

Currently, Netflix only employs about 40 taggers.  Many are in different countries, as a wide-range of opinion is required to do complete this sort of work.  This is definitely tagged as an “awesome” job.

(Source: Forbes)

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