The Most Interesting (and Ridiculous) Jobs Out There

Here’s a curve ball for you. Chances are, you had no idea any of these jobs existed. From insanely monotonous to surprisingly obsolete, here’s the wildest list of jobs companies actually pay people to do.

  • The Doorman
    Back in the day, the doorman used to open the door.  Today, most doormen have been replaced by machines.  Doors usually aren’t that heavy, and people generally don’t expect the same formalities that they used to.  Surprisingly, doormen are still…well…opening doors for people to this day!  Many high-end venues treat the position with the same necessity as previous generations, and lots of people still expect this service. 
  • Carrot Sorting Worker
    This job is exactly what you think it is.  A carrot sorter sorts carrots.  Every weekday, all day, for hours.  There is a little more to the position—a carrot sorter needs a keen eye, capable of spotting imperfections in the vegetable.  If the carrot sorter notices an imperfection, they quickly toss the bad carrot down a chute to be composted.  Without the carrot sorter, who knows what would end up on the grocery store shelf.

  • The Bathroom Attendant
    This job is as dirty as it is necessary.  A bathroom attendant has only one job to do—keep the bathroom spotless.  Restrooms get dirty (and unsanitary) at an alarming rate, and many high-traffic relief locations require constant upkeep to remain usable.  The bathroom attendant’s role is often unseen, but think about it when you reach for a paper towel.  Without the bathroom attendant, there wouldn’t be any towels or soap, and you might just find more than toilet paper stuck to your shoe.
  • The Toll Booth Operator
    Coffee, candy, Burritos, and cola are all dispensed by machines these days.  Even cars can drive themselves now.  But not everything is automated these days.  Countless turnpikes and toll booths still provide jobs for real people.  The task of a toll booth operator is simple; take money, and open the gate.  Seems easy, but the hours are long, and many of the interactions are less than savory.  Like the doorman, the toll booth operator has been around for decades, proving there’s still room for old-fashioned jobs in this modern economy.  At least for now. 
ca. 1940s, Near Greenwich, Connecticut, USA — Toll Booth. Merit Parkway near Greenwich, CT. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS
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