You Can Make a Living…From Drinking Beer

Men and beer have enjoyed each other’s presence for millennia.  Men have historically dominated the world of beer, and women rarely partook in the culture to the same extent. Oddly enough, although men consume 72.8% of the world’s beer, women are actually better beer tasters.  Studies prove it, and we’ll show you why.

According to SABMiller, owner of Miller and Coors brands, women have a better sense for key flavor chemicals. “Females,” they say, “[are often] more sensitive about the levels of flavor,” says Barry Axcell, Chief Brewer for SABMiller. Axcell believes that women are better tasters than men.  Currently, they make up around 30% of beer tasting employees.

Women continue to increase their presence at tasting events. Joanna Wasilewska, a 33-year-old former Polish brewing secretary took home SABMiller’s annual taster-of-the-year award for two consecutive years.  She beat all the men in the competition, along with 2000 other competitors from around the globe.

Industry leading scientists like Marcia Pelchat attribute this to physiology.  Women, on average, are genetically more adept at discerning fine differences in taste.  

So, you want to become a beer tester now? Here’s how you can sign up. Generally, employees from within the company are favored for such positions.  It makes sense, beer brings out fierce loyalties.  However, if you have special tasting abilities or prior experience, it’s worth a shot to apply.  You may just qualify.

Beer tasting may sound like a blast; and to many, it is!  However, it’s not all fun and games.  Beer tasters are extremely important to the industry.  The quality of a company’s tasters can make or break a beer.  Tasters take their jobs very seriously.  In fact, some complain that they can’t stop once they leave work.  Every time they drink a beer, they subconsciously critique it according to their training.  Who’s to say if it strips the enjoyment out of beer, that’s up to the individual.

Think you have what it takes?  Give it a try, and maybe write a few reviews.  Who knows—it might just lead you to a career in drinking.

Source: (Wall Street Journal)

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