Working Hungover? It’s Not the End of the World…

According to lemon soda company Blowfish, over half of all Americans have showed up to work hungover.  Hopefully that makes you feel a little bit better—you’re not alone.  That’s not to say you should dawn those sunglasses and pop ibuprofen with pride, but it’s probably not the worst thing you could do.

Back to the numbers.  It’s safe to assume the majority of that 50% were men, hungover from a bender out with the boys, right?  Actually, not quite.  Gender was hardly a factor, in fact, 52% of admittedly hungover respondents were women, compared to 50% of men.  Don’t speculate or stereotype in this case, both genders sip a bit too much from time to time.

Pick your poison—Thursday evening happy hour, or Sunday night on the couch. Doesn’t really matter, your productivity still suffers demonstrably. Blowfish reported that 28% of respondents showed up late due to a hangover. Roughly 7% admit to making mistakes on a major project. The effects of a hangover may be inconvenient for office workers, but drivers and machinery operators need to be especially careful not to come to work messed up. 

Speaking of job types, lets see what the survey found.  Good job drivers, you didn’t make the top five on the list. Realtors, salesmen, and waiters made up the highest percentage of hungover workers.  Police officers have some work to do, too—they also made the top five along with chefs.

The survey didn’t track sick days due to hangovers. 

If you ever find yourself hungover on the job, don’t panic—there are steps you can take to relieve your suffering.  Dehydration is a major cause, so drink up.  Water or sports drinks will do, but water is usually best.  Keep your blood sugar in check, and pop a Tylenol if you need.

Source: (MarketWatch)

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