Questions to Ask During Your 2022 Interview

Picture this, you are sitting across from the person who has the power to choose the fate of your job search, in a conference room full of bright lights, and you have so many thoughts running through your head. In this moment, it might be difficult to remember that perfect story you were planning to share.  Or nowadays with everything going on, there is a chance your interview could take place via Zoom. In this case, you might be more worried about the wall you’re sitting in front of, the camera tilting, or hiding that built up trash that’s off to the side of frame.

Then, there’s always that pesky question they ask to wrap up the interview: “Do you have any question you’d like to ask me?”

Whether you already feel you landed the job or not, the worst response you could say to that is “No, I’m good.” 

An interview isn’t a one-way decision. Sure, the interviewer is grilling you with questions and deciding whether to give you a job, but this is your opportunity to ask questions and decide if the job is something you really want. Therefore, it’s very important to have those questions ready. What do you want to know about the role you’re inquiring? The team? The department? Maybe you want to know about the person interviewing you who might possibly be your future boss.

To help you start, we curated a list of good questions to ask during an interview. This doesn’t mean blurt them out rapid fire. Some of these things might have already been covered during the conversation, and you can also ask questions throughout the interview, it doesn’t have to wait till the end. Plus, if you just list all the questions, it will sound like you’re just reading them straight off the internet. Really take the time to listen to their responses and process what they’re saying.

Best questions to ask about a job

Be clear to have a good understanding on what the responsibilities of this position are, not only now but in the future as well. This will be helpful for when the time comes, and you must make the choice of taking the job or not.

Can you describe a typical week or day within this position?

Can you share project examples I would be working on?

What are the ideal experiences or skills you’d like to see in a candidate?

What are some of the challenges this position might face?

Would I be taking over someone else’s position or is this a new role?

How does this role contribute to your company?

Questions to ask regarding professional development and training

This new opportunity is not just a job, this could be the next step in your career path, so find out if this position will gain you success in the future.

How can employees learn and develop from this company?

Will I have opportunities to advance in this company?

Where are the previous employees that were in this position at today?

Can you share what the onboarding process will be like?

What you might want to know about the interviewer

Not only do you want to show you’re interested in the company but share your interest in the interviewer as well. This will be a great way to build a relationship with what might be your future colleague.

How long have you been with this company?

What was your job before this?

Why do you enjoy working here?

In what ways has your role changed since you’ve been here?

Are there any projects that you are especially excited to be a part of?

Keep in mind when going after a new job, so many people get caught up in the anxiety of if the interviewer will like them and hire them, when you should be figuring out whether this job is right for you and will help you in the long run.

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