Get Hired Quick with These Resume Details

The internet is a veritable jungle of CV advice, and sifting through it all to discover the advice that is most applicable to your situation might feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. We’re hourly work specialists here to help your search for the ideal job easier. We have suggestions developed specifically for employees like you.

What should be included on a resume

Identification details

Your name and contact information should appear prominently at the very top. Make sure your contact information is right, including your phone number and email address, so that prospective employers can get in touch with you easily. Seems quite elementary, no? Don’t make the same mistakes we did because you weren’t clear enough.


It is essential to highlight your skills. These can be things like being able to use a Point-of-Sale system, being certified in food handling, or being able to operate a forklift. Of course, you can also highlight “soft skills,” such as “customer service” or “excellent communicator.” This area should come right after your contact information.

Work Experience

Now we get to the main event: your past employment. We’ll show you how to make the most of your time with employers by highlighting your most relevant experiences. Volunteering, babysitting, and lawn mowing are all acceptable first jobs to list on a resume. But if you do, keep it brief and straightforward; there’s no need to elaborate. Don’t worry; companies that can legally recruit teenagers will understand.


The name of the institution you attended, along with its location and degree you earned. This section can be located anywhere on a resume, however some candidates opt to put it first. If you’re just out of school (or still in school! ), place it ahead of your professional experience; otherwise, put it after.

What to leave out

Some details in a CV aren’t necessary and can even hinder your chances of getting an interview. In general, we advise maintaining a minimal approach.

City and state are sufficient for a complete address. The application itself will have the complete address, thus there’s no need to include it in the CV. Keeping it in two locations is a nuisance and may raise privacy concerns for some hiring managers.

Avoid sending any photos, especially any headshots. Competence is more important than a pretty selfie. Having a photo on your resume may be standard practice in other countries, but it is not expected by U.S. companies. As a result, seeing one can cause people to doubt your judgment or even discriminate against you. So don’t do that, even if you have a wonderful picture!

Career Goals: In any case, this is a really antiquated concept. And it’s not required or expected for hourly work. Companies already know that you want to work for them because you’re applying for jobs. You don’t have to offer this information in writing as part of your application, but you may be asked more about it during an interview.

While some employers may require you to list references as part of your application, you shouldn’t feel obligated to do so unless they specifically ask for them. I don’t see why not. You should always let your references know who might be contacting them and when. It’s courteous, and it will assist your references help you.

Facilitating the readability of your resume

Now we’ll go over some tips for writing a resume that gets you noticed by recruiters and computer systems alike. You never want your resume to add extra hassle or stress for the hiring manager.

Maintaining lucidity is crucial. Just be clear and concise. Large chunks of text should be avoided.

For ease of reading, try using bullet points. You can count on them as a sly ally.

Don’t use fancy fonts and layouts. This can be difficult for humans to read and will very certainly cause computer systems to misinterpret your application, leading to an automatic rejection. Focus on the fundamentals.

Take a look at sample resumes

Are you prepared to start writing your fantastic resume? Your back is safe with us. Follow the download link below to see our user-friendly resume template. It’s meant to save you time and effort during the application procedure. To download a copy, click the button below. Personalize your resume by making modifications in the provided copy and then saving it as a.pdf file to upload to your Snagajob profile.

Let’s get that resume polished up now that you have the best resource available.


Putting together a resume for hourly work is, in a nutshell, a piece of cake. Leave the frills behind and concentrate on what really matters. The foundations of your success are your name and contact information, employment history, education, and talents.

Finding work by the hour doesn’t have to be difficult. In every possible manner, we will be there to help you. You have what it takes, and you also have the resources you need.
Go ahead and write that impressive résumé; it’s time to start looking for that ideal hourly position. You can count on our support.


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